Monday, January 25, 2010

No more snow

It looks gray and bare, but somewhere the life is there, and soon, in a ew weeks, the trees will become green again.

I do not despair.

Six years ago, I opened my first (french) blog, in five years of blogging, lot has happened, and I did prove what was my intention at the first day, what I just hoped I could: There is life after 70.

Until I am 80 at least, I can tell, can I not, I am after 70?

The readers of my blog, and those who looked, and sometimes even commented on them, understood my meanings, or discussed it with me, helped me to live a fuller life.

This blog, begun a lot later, when I begin to think that I'll go to London, and of course, after my arrival here it went on, learning slowly to communicate, perhaps a bit better in English.

What is interesting is that each of my blogs has its own characteristic, its life, its personality, of which I was not really aware when I begun them. Each shows part of me, more or less private or public part.

And now, I have to add also my newest one "Competent Comunicator", the name of the Toastmasters Manual. As much as I would like to become, better, I did not become "competent communicator" just by giving my first ten - even 12 speeches, and reading books or beginning to tell stories.

I opened that blog, to speak in it about public speaking and storytelling and all what is around it. To tell about from where one can learn and how, at least a bit of my experience.

Opening a new blog, after my 75 years, just proves I was not entirely wrong when I decided my first's blog title: there is life after seventy, and the web did and does help me to make it even better.

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