Friday, May 24, 2013

End Bromley market zoom zoom

To be able to send to a blog, I had first to upload - as usual - then to go to my "organizer" and add it to a set and from the set, the photo does not crash when I choose it. Strange.

Good that I have time to spend to experiment.

Not as 'usual" but finally I could find a way around the crash and the ugly new flickr interface. So many unhappy photographers, complain, and others just go to other providers or change.

I still wait to see what will happen.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Costumer service

What a difference! 

I lost my ticket to go to the toastmaster conference. Needed a replacement. Received a short answer: we do not do replacement. You should have looked for the ticket. Buy again. 

"David Prince, from Web Support Advisor, of First Great Western" did answer me not as one should treat a costumer. Short and not doing anything to resolve my problem. Not even trying to understand and in a harsh tone I felt all is my fault and they condemn me.

I also felt it was a machine and not human being answering. Not at all trying to help me.

I will never use them any more. 

Never buy direct from First 'great' Western trains directly!

Finally, I found an online service offering me cheaper tickets then the one I did buy more then one month ago in advance. And I am sure, they will offer when needed great service too.

This morning, a wonderful costumer service from Amazon, showed me even more the difference. 

I was looking yesterday at different options of a smartphone, I do not have one. Without intention, must have clicked without realising at the '1-click' (now disabled) and to my surprise send an email telling me I was billed for the latest iPhone, more then 500 pounds!  As if I decided to buy one, so expensive. 

I could not cancel it: already prepared to be send, will receive it today. No! No! I did not want is and did not find how to cancel it on the web.

 I had finally an on line chat before 8 am with costumer service, Muriel. She fast, very polite and efficiently resolved it for me, cancelling, not billing. Fast resolved. And with such nice words too. 

I will alway buy whenever I can from who offers wonderful costumer service.