Thursday, July 31, 2008

London, Chelsea: let's share

A window or door open and not closed. A neighbor with not secured Web connection. Thanks!

I let mine open for the last four years in France, anyone needing it could use it, now I use that of an unknown neighbor, and that lets me write early in the morning.

Why should we not share?

I am in Greenwich not, not in Chelsea were this photo was taken. A nice quiet (no! the cars begin to go on the street early in the morning) they did not wake me.

I do wake early anyway.

I did not hear them until I wrote 'quiet' here, but the mood IS quiet around the place I am now. And thanks my nice neighbor for the link I use, it is six o'clock probably he or she is still sleeping; And it lets me write my blog, and comment others, before the library door opens.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From the terace: Canary Warf, London

I am here one more day, until the end of month, from the terrace yesterday evening: Canary Warf landscape. In the evening sun the buildings sparkled.

Before going in, I did take a picture also from the Greenwhich Milleneum Vllage houses, near the bus station where I got down - this time at the nearest one, because yesterday I did one before. But that had helped me to take some pictures at the Ecology Park of Greenwhich Peninsula.

In late afternoon sun, Greenwich Milleneum Village
Everything, that seemingly goes not well, can give us something else good. Yesterday evening, I already dreamed living in center of London.

Yes, I like the town, and yes I would be happy to explore it, day by day easy, without taking train to go to it. But will I or not, is not yet sure at all. I am credulous, and confident in people but not too much either. Not ready to be duped either.

Ready to live with nice people, ready to accommodate, ready to pay for my lodging. But not ready to through money in the water! To give it away blindly.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Greenwich Milleneum Village

Some of the houses look at the Ecology park of Greenwich peninsula, it looks really nice, but in fact I do not know if insects do not visit too much those appartments?

Water lilly fields and ducks are nice to look at to the people passing, I went there again just to take same pictures. As the wind was rising and the storm not yet there but coming, the nature was fascinating yesterday late afternoon.

I am fascinated how much such a big city as London has so much nature inside and around it too. Steal, stone, people and trees, flowers, water, all together in a very interesting mix.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Postman, first encounter

I loved his uniform and open welcome smile and manners too.

Soon, he will be bringing mail, but not every day, he explained when it is him, when another will bring the letters.

Got also a Greenwich park taste: superbe! And not many people, but each having place to enjoy himself or herself as desired. A grand father playing soccer with his grand son, a mother on the grass, surveying two playing kids, a bicycle familly, and between others, also an "ice cream" familly: the oldest of them was on wheelchair eating also one.

Loved the mood and the tranquility of the park.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A quiet breackfast together

Saint John's church in Blackheath organised a common open breackfast for sending children to holiday; I went bye and stayed: such kind people!

They have lots of different activities, biking, strolls, so on, an active community. And they did welcome me warmly and already heard of the 'french family moving in their neighbourhood."

I am looking forward to meet again and to meet others too. I feel lest lost here then in the French suburbs I lived for seven years.

I hope the feeling is right.

In the morning, before meeting them, I also went to a nice lady's place (wanting to let it) and had an agreable chat, people I'd like to be in contact again, she reads (almost) as much as me.
A lady from Blackheath

Friday, July 25, 2008

London: warm people

After Farington and the meat market I went to City, different but not so much and took pictures of people mostly without asking frol afar

But I also asked and got yes a lot more tieme then no

Those two servants in Eat were out for q pose qnd to smoke qnd very pleqsed to be photogrqphed; Thqnk you, yhqnk you1

Thursday, July 24, 2008

London dynamic city

I asked people from the old church ) working in the pqrish if it is not difficult to be surounded by lots of new buildings, so different ones from the old 16th century building:

"No, Lodon is a dynamic city. Old and new go well together.

After a while he added: "They even help each other to be better seen1"

And it is true, perhaps I would not have noticed either the "small" chucrch if it was not juxtaposed to that huge building:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

London discovery

still saturday's photo, not yet able to add new ones, yesterday was spend on traveling to Blackheath and back and waiting for agents that did not arrive or, showed me impossible flats,

today a great morning, at meat market then city of London - the bank district, so many wonderful and divers people arround everywhere

excuse-me, all but the Agents that are supposed to help to find a place to live... but I just may not found yet the right ones

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Romance in London, too

I really did believe, only Paris inspires romance in couples, but sundown in London does too.

Not far from the Thames, center town, at least three different couples hugging (or more), did not stay too look. But the sun got down more and I could not resist this beautiful couple.

Also proof of what I am saying, even if they were not the only one, the others I met more in evidence, one couple on the oot bridge going to Tate museum, the other down the banks of the river, near the water.

Yesterday's The Times had an article about a Cabby taking pictures of Londons different aspects, I think we are lots now to do so, and from now on, I am one of them.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

London discovery Saturday

East of London is not "joli joli" I admit, the houses mostly, ugly but people met real nice, of any color or origin.

He directed me to go to the women's museum as the Petticot lane was not open Saturday. I met also a group of young men and spoke to them, very differently dressed for the reunion, with others from the same fraternity (we finished university together long time ago, at least six or seven years)

They were saying good bye to one of them who was going to work in middle east and dressed accordingly already.

They posed for me, so here is the photo.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Me with policeman

taken by the other one, not only they accepted to pose but also proposed to take one with me!

so many new things here, I have to get used to it....

Yesterday, I entered Central London by the Tube, and came to the hotel I reserved for a week. Not the best choice but really not expensive for a week and for London, and from here (bought also an English phone) I already have my first appointment with a landlord or a flat sharing lady for tonight.

All excited to begin or continue my discoverings.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Greenwich Milleneum Village

Different decorations, some chimneys to remember the mills some of them still visible and probably in action - I love the English jokes!

Not for nothing, one of the most recognised "Enlish" humorist after the war in England was a Hungarian emigrant, Mikes. "How to be an alien" still very actual.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greenwich Ecology Park & around (18)

I am stunned of the diversity of life and things around me, so far.

Modern, funny building with chimneys to speak about what was here and still is some around, and a pond with water lilies and ecology park that reflects those building, some of them at least.

Ships going around on the Thames and boys playing near it on the field, buses coming and going, and the quietness of the park.

Fancy house and also low rate cost for some of the people living in it. So many different impressions in so little time.

After Blackheath, the quiet vilage like, and people drinking bear, an old woman with a huge dog, a summer school with her nice head mistress, the policeman posing for me, it is a great begining.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crossed the Channel the 16 morning

that is my last exit from my car before puting it in the train, in the Baie of Picardie.

One of the first, in England when finally I found the Milleneum Village in Greenwhich was of the Milleneum Dome.

Very tired, I did not write yesterday here, and I do not to make it up.

Finally arrived in London and nothing about it in this blog, how come?

I made an album with the Blackheath village or at least a corner of it, and now with Greenwhich Ecology park and its surrounding, but for the moment not all my pictures passed through the Wifi around here.

Tomorow is an other day.

From Friday I'll be in Central London, a week in a small hotel. Another adventure altogether on my own. For lowering the pressure I tell myself "it is a holyday" but I know othervise in fact. I have to find a place to live. Soon.
Dome de Millénium London

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last day in France

Last day in France, at least for some time. Tomorrow very early I will be on my way towards Calais and then Folkstone; I can't envision it yet.

Going, soon, gone!

But I begun to think about the things one does differently from France to England.

Défilé de 14 juillet I'll have to drive at the other side of the road! Soon, I'll have no right to drive at all, being 74 years old!

I'll have to get used to another money, no euros in UK yet. Everything seems more expensive there but probably it seems only from afar.

One finds villages even in Greater London, even now, even new: difficult even to imagine! London is a lot more nearer the Ocean then Paris is, more water, more green and parks too.

And how long will it take to get familiar with the slang, with the way one really speaks there, the nuances that one can't learn from far away or books I read?

I'll miss my roses, all the flowers from my garden, but I'll find some others for sure there!
Dernières photos de mes fleurs

Monday, July 14, 2008

14 Juillet from my garden

From my garden i can see the clouds only, the planes that go to Paris to demonstrate Bastille day are only making noise, but I cannt see them, they go very hight here.

Will it be all I see from Paris today? The trace of festival designed by clouds? We'll see.

My son arrived to London with his familly, a new life begins for all of them. Today, perhaps the children begin summer school, first time in english.

My departure is scheduled for after tomorow.

"For how long?" my friends asked me.
"As long as it takes..."
"We'll come to visit you in London in August!"

Not yet gone, but already visitors: I felt suddenly more "english" already!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy birthday, but...

He seems to wish me happy birthday and offer a flower for it, but also, I think, he is asking:

Julie70, how long will you call yourself thus? Today you reached 74!

I'll answer: until I do not reach 80, I am still in my seventeeth! (and something years) and I did begin bloging when I was seven o.

Today it was more about my famillly leaving their appartment where they lived about 8 years, soon crossing the Channel and arriving in London, then about my birthday. They are priorities in life.

They did not sleep all night, working, I did, but was there at 7 and came home only a few minutes ago. My best wishes goes with them, soon it will come my turn to cross the Tunnel.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The books are gone

My books are gone, all the books I would love to read again.

They were the most important for me and I spend long days to select, which to send and which I could give away.

Finally, they were too many from each.

The ones I have not chosen also to many to take only to give them away, so from the box, I decided to put them back. Between them many I did enjoy reading and now I am happy I did not give them away. One day, I will.

Here is how the place looks now, yesterday I took them out from the boxes and put them back, second choice perhaps, but I did enjoy reading most of them.
Avant Partir Vendredi_0001
The others will be waiting for me in London.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


All is gone? No. But lot of my books are, the one I love most. He helped, making the packages.

My ticket for the Euro tunnel is taken!

After the guide Micheline, there is less then three hours drive to Callais, then of course almost one hour to cross (it must be with putting the car on the train and taking it out), then a little more then an hour to London's outskirts.

I feel that going with my car through the Tunnel that connects the two countries shows also my feeling of connection.

I know, of course, that temperaments and educations are farther then the few kilometres separating the countries, but I look forward to discover how. It is not easy to discover a new culture, but as I'll stay longer this time, I hope I'll learn a lot.

In a book about "how to be a perfact guest" (as if that did exist) Bernard Gille wrote that the English love or support the diversity. I hope, they'll support also mine.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The photo of grey clouds is from yesterday, but the people to take the books arrive today. It will be a stormy day for me, rain or no rain.

No importance!

I understood it yesterday evening, after my son woke me up "they did not arrive back yet from you". My daughter of law and grand daughter were lost somewhere and did not arrive home, it was almost midnight.

I worried, he worried.

What is a moving? No big deal.

They arrived safe home, a little later.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For the moment

For the moment it is still "calm" in my house, even if the books are returned and chosen, and I am staying in my armchair quietly blogging.

But I went to visit yesterday my family, and at their apartment the situation is already different, at least one third if not off all their belongings is already packed.

The sofa, the table, the... lots lots of things are in boxes around the wall. One thing is still in function and in working order and opened.

The computer linking them to the rest of the world!
Avant partir...

Monday, July 7, 2008

This rose

These roses were planted by my first husband in the garden of another house and transplanted in the one I'll leave soon later by him. He named it "my woman" - or was it "my wife"?

In French, "ma femme" means both.

But long time before naming a rose after me, he had other "women", so I believe it meant "wife", even if we were already divorced that time.

The rose is very strong and gives flowers very long time from spring to very late winter. It has also a subtle perfume and this is why sometimes I bring in one or three of them and put them in one of my favourite vases, bought at the Bucarest airport long time ago.

Soon now, London!

I'll be 74 by then, far away from 70. I'll try to describe how someone arriving at my age sees it, lives it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

All this with books to give away

or sell, whatever will happen, the other ones are still not in boxes, but by monday the'll be too.

soon, all the appartment here will be different.

Change is not easy, even if one knows that is necessary.

"Going out of the zone of confort helps to advance" did I write five years ago in my journal. I'll have to believe in my wisdom. Hope that all that mess and all the incertainity I feel now will advance me somehow towards a place I'll be happy to be.

But being in middle or just before the turburence is not easy.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Who knows what will happen

It is there, as my garage door and house in this image taken this morning early, and just before it begin to rain.

But I can't' see it. The camera did not really see it even if my eyes have not seen such a contrast.

Whatever will come, it will have different nuances for sure as the morning sky, not being either as horrible as it seems sometimes the unknown future to me, nor as wonderful as in my greatest day dreams.

But, just as the morning that brought rain but brought light with it too, it will arrive soon now.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Weight Watchers: almost there!

After ten month, I am at almost minus 18 kilos.

How much that is in pounds? Around 40? Anyway, I'll arrive to London a lot more wrinkled but less heavy, it is more easy to move now then in September last year.

The wrinkles made me last time stop, and gain back more, now I decided they will not matter. I have choosen. I came to terms complectly with my age, apparence wise.

In other matters, I do feel still young.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Focus helps to explain the image, what we have seen.

And I am packing and preparing, so the delay for this blog is a bit explained. But still... I should write a little every day!

It is not so easy to think about the future, perhaps it is why I avoid this blog a bit lately. Where will I go? When will I go?

Nothing is sure yet, all fluctuates. It does not depend on me.

But I found lots of interesting information, for example, there is a bus almost every two hours from Paris to London: 32 euros for one trip, at my age. Yes, it does last seven hours, but that is not soooo long. Only compared to the TGV Eurostar. But so much cheeper.

Also, once, going early and without ticket to the station, I found a ticket with the same place in Gare de Nord. But it was a spoor of the moment thing, and from that time, no real cheep travel found, by me with the train. Also, they are cheep airfares, that I can check also.

Cheep travel means mostly I could come back more often and worry less when I go?!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A good book on Flickr

This is a book to take with you, not leave it home. Even after having used flickr and its community for more then three years, I find something new in it each time I open it.

So much to do on flickr!

One can lose oneself in it. I spend more time in it then with my blog this last times. Mostly with my group called afterclass. A new theme opened just yesterday in it about A Sense of Place. Good times ahead of us!

Nancy, from California is leading it.

We had leaders from Australia (about Birds) from Japan (Flowers) from England (Importance of background) from India (Street Portraits), from lots of places around the world. Each teacher brings not only its knowledge of a domain but its own culture and sensibility to it. Fascinating to discover them, a month at a time!

Take a look at the following link for a thread just begun yesterday and yet so rich already! Your favorite place?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Last quiet days

Probably, there are the last. Who knows. Others will came, later. At least I feel that soon everything will change around me.

Still find time to come to flickr, to blog, and to read. Here "A place to call Home" from Deborah Smith, that I re read with great pleasure again.

I was a book I liked, bought also in french, and will take with me to London to read it again, later.

So much can be in a book, and so much can tell me.

Where will be my next "place to call home"?