Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A good book on Flickr

This is a book to take with you, not leave it home. Even after having used flickr and its community for more then three years, I find something new in it each time I open it.

So much to do on flickr!

One can lose oneself in it. I spend more time in it then with my blog this last times. Mostly with my group called afterclass. A new theme opened just yesterday in it about A Sense of Place. Good times ahead of us!

Nancy, from California is leading it.

We had leaders from Australia (about Birds) from Japan (Flowers) from England (Importance of background) from India (Street Portraits), from lots of places around the world. Each teacher brings not only its knowledge of a domain but its own culture and sensibility to it. Fascinating to discover them, a month at a time!

Take a look at the following link for a thread just begun yesterday and yet so rich already! Your favorite place?

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