Monday, February 18, 2013

One can see only so far

No projects for 2013 in January, and I had a very tough February, so far.

But the invitations come now, and no more 5' open mic for me bitten minute in different places. As storyteller even more and as keynote speaker up to twenty.

Where the road, the path will lead, I have no idea. But I begin to emerge from the tunel'

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fifty things to do when you turn fifty

I have to write a personal essay of 500 words only for the next book: 70 things...

I did so many different, after 70!

Which one to write about?

I went to America and realised I can still drive, long hours and alone. I realised, I am still a woman and can... Yes! I took up and learned photography. Begun to blog every morning, also translate and publish my diaries.

I moved from Paris to London. Discovered its diversity and interesting meetups. Joined again Toastmasters and become in it. Begun to tell personal stories, in English at the theatre.

Become Standup comedian, well even if only amator, still 60 gigs and good one s behind me already. Travelled and discovered new countries and places, met a lot of people and great audiences.

I can only write about one, of all, in 500 words and I have to put it in a story. Not easy.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silver lining is there

One only has to wait for it.

A difficult morning, as I continued my Efedix cream treatment on my front. Burns, itches.

But the down was beautiful: gave me courage. Again.

Then a visit to my family confirmed: I should not make myself feel like a victim. Then, I am not.

Yes, I AM a survivor!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Arriving in London

Picnick St.John's Blackheath 2Postman02 London (14)A nice place and womanJulie 74 birthday today July 2008London Canal stroll (8) August 2008
New home's first dayDSC04145In the morning sunRetour Embarkment to Greenwich-8Lunch on the counter, homeGoing through the Heath-1
London too: holding hands (detail)Ombres et reflets_0028Meeting at St John's_0163Covent Garden Meetup_0039Around London Opera in rain-15Meeting them again-2
Suddenly, our shadow also spoke to each otherLondon Center Evening_0358Speaking to meToo much flash here, perhapsArgenteuil avant repartir-9Flickr & me at Tate-4
Arriving in London, a set on Flickr.
100 pictures to portray some of my life as I arrived in London. Slideshow here.

2008 July to end 2009, my activities and some people I met, some places I have been.

The pictures help me remember stronger those moments and their magic.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day five, not so bad yet

I was worried about being able to tell my story I'm March and even more about itching.

The web is great!

I found a discussion group and received answer from someone who just got through it

Cancer Compass : web is fantastic. I do not feel alone any more. While the news for the future weeks for me are not reassuring, I got great advices from those who just passed by what soon I will be in.

I asked if I will be able to perform, beginning March:

" My advice is this: don't worry about the way you look. Not wearing makeup is really liberating! Tell your story and hold your head up high. You have almost made it and, in time, will be beautiful again."

Here is one answer about itching I fear most:

"The itching was what drove me crazy! It felt like a thousand red ants were munching on my face--a nasty but apt image. What I did to cope with the itching was to get a cold pack, wrap it in a clean dishtowel or paper towel, and apply it to my face. This really helped.

I've also heard that you can apply a moisturizer like Aquaphor (no perfumes or additives which will cause your face to really light us!) two hours after you apply the cream. It is really greasy so get ready to get it in your hair, but it does provide some relief, especially at night.

As I found out, moisturizer is absolutely necessary at the end of your treatment and during the healing phase. You will know what I mean when you get there. Buy some Aquaphor now and be prepared. I swore I'd be so tough I'd never use it, but I'm in the sixth day of the healing phase and have used about half of tub of the stuff and am going out to buy more this weekend!

The worst thing you can do is rub the places that itch because they will really start to strobe and hurt even more. I know because I've done it when I lost control of myself.

Believe me, after 4 week of treatment, you will still look red, swollen, crusty, and miserable. The four days after you stop will be worse (or as bad as the last few days of treatment.) "

Well, at least I know... Thanks!