Saturday, February 9, 2013

Arriving in London

Picnick St.John's Blackheath 2Postman02 London (14)A nice place and womanJulie 74 birthday today July 2008London Canal stroll (8) August 2008
New home's first dayDSC04145In the morning sunRetour Embarkment to Greenwich-8Lunch on the counter, homeGoing through the Heath-1
London too: holding hands (detail)Ombres et reflets_0028Meeting at St John's_0163Covent Garden Meetup_0039Around London Opera in rain-15Meeting them again-2
Suddenly, our shadow also spoke to each otherLondon Center Evening_0358Speaking to meToo much flash here, perhapsArgenteuil avant repartir-9Flickr & me at Tate-4
Arriving in London, a set on Flickr.
100 pictures to portray some of my life as I arrived in London. Slideshow here.

2008 July to end 2009, my activities and some people I met, some places I have been.

The pictures help me remember stronger those moments and their magic.

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