Sunday, November 30, 2008

Morning baguettes

You do not have to go to Paris or France for that matter, to eat good baguettes any more, there are so many places one can find them in London, and, probably throughout in UK too.

I did not buy them at Jade boulangerie, when I passed there with my grand children but they did choose Eclair and Tarte au citron, and Pain au chocolat.

What I did, is taste a bit of each, tell myself it has too much sugar in it, then deligth in the rolls with seeds one can buy here from the supermarket all freshly made. I put some of them in the freezer, and as a miracle, when they come out, one by one, a few hours later I find them as fresh as they were.

Not like the baguettes which are good mostly a few hours after they come out of the oven of the boulengerie in the corner. Let's recognize, those too are not bad frozen: I did try them when I still lived in France.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

12 images of this year

Not easy to choose which one to put in a Calender, images that we would like to look at a whole month!

This is one image I did not remember, but when looking back to 1 May in Argenteuil near the Seine, somehow it represents it better then all others do.

Six before arriving in London, one on the road, and five taken here. Not as much of what I discovered but more about my new life and surroundings.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

La belle Danube bleu

Of course, the Danube was never really blue, but it is such a nice title Strauss gave to it! Danube was in Vienna and Budapest too, playing a big role in those capitals. Far from our Transylvania, we did love it from afar mostly.

My mother used to play it on piano to me and when I was child, I used to danse on it. Here is a great interpretation that i found today, a pleasure to listen and to remember old days for me in the same time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From the other bridge

I remembered yesterday that they are two parallel foot bridges from Embarkader to Royal Festival Hall and the one looking towards Westminster gave me even better pictures then the usual one I passed until now.

Of course, after ten weeks, ten Monday nights, I also learned a bit.

All of us from the group learned something in this 11 weeks since we begun the Artist's Way meetups. It was so interesting to find out, to hear what each of us is doing, even if our search is still continuing. Next year, we'll "Walk" use Julia Cameron's other book, and broaden it up by speaking about some other books we read too.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Squirrels and models in Green Park

I imagine, hundred year ago, elegant women and men walked in the park not far from the Palace. Saturday, it was us, twenty photographers with five models, beside the other people passing by.

This tiny squirrel did also pose for me, not moving until I had the time to take at least two different shots of him.

In France, Hungary, Romania, we do not have yet squirrels in the parks, in the gardens, or just arriving perhaps. We see dogs and cats only. So they are for me still a wonder like something out from a children's book.

While we took photos, others were passing, they wondered probably what were we doing.
B. Green Park Photo Meetup-175 detail
I was far enough going away already when I took this one.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Meetup at Green Park with models

I did go anyway: used to be refused, used to insist.

But as soon as I arrived and explained, she told me "ok" so I could take photos as the others: we were 20 with 5 models.

A bit less fun then taking each other, but interesting nevertheless.

Here are some 20 of pictures, of models and photographers alike, and a squirrel, who did pose too.

Little Venice Mouvment Meetup

It was fun, but now she kicked me out from today's meeting because I did not pay in advance with Pay Pal.

She is dictatorial.

Not that I was not ready to pay, for the meetings, but I refuse to use that means and anyway I do not have an account with them any more.

So, good luck with people there, we'll go to the market near London bridge, and if Jenny does not, I can go alone too. Or go to the school fair nearby here. It will be a cold day, but if one dresses well, no problem, and it is not so cold as it was once in New York when my nose seemed to be frozen!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Passer le pont

Going through the bridge, short one, long one, going from a country to the other, going up the stairs, or down, through a long corridor, more or less illuminated, on a less known path, is never easy.

We are afraid to begin, the water is deep and dark under it. We are not sure what is the other side.

We go, we think we are there, and all is not as we see it at the beginning, either. This photo illustrated what I feel now, what I felt when I have taken it. My doubts too. My hopes.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fall's end in Greenwich

It is beautiful to look around and admire the nature, even towards the end of the fall, specially in the Greenwich park, but not only, even in my street and the heath leading to the park !

For example, why some leaves have still water drops on them, even if it did not rain the morning? Why others, near them does not?

I learn a lot, looking more, looking better.

Thinking about what to do next year, and even more, why. When one has so many choice as here in London, the choosing is not easy, the decisions either. I decided to stop running from one meetup to other and reflect a bit more about my desires and needs.

But I'll keep on walking, writing in my blogs, taking pictures. Reading too, so much wisdom in some books! And of course, one can learn more at any age.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My favorite images

Surfing on flickr, I find "irresistible images" often, and put them between my "favorites" so I can come back and look at them. Here are the last ones.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The London photo & graphic Meetup group

Organized with charm and determination, by a young woman born not far from where I was, arrived in London just a year ago, the group discover, through her, less nknown and interesting parts of London, while taking pictures on varied themes.

Yesterday, even in the rain (just a bit) along the canal, from the Little Venice,we took pictures with the theme "Portraits in Movement": it was fun!

So many people arrived in London from all over the world bring it new ideas and new energy! Yesterday, I met some people from Polland, a girl from Tadjistan, and a young woman from Romania, and... so on. All were integrated and doing and living full lifes, at the same time, adapting to the "English way" rapidly.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Going closer

I am original from Transylvania, a province, once in the times even independent, between Hungary and Romania.

Left when I was 14 but somehow when I think of my origin, that is what I find as answer. I am not from "Romania", and that is not because the gypsies on the streets has given it bad names recently. I did not feel Romanian, even when I lived there, until I was 30.

I am not Hungarian, even if my mother language is and that I did not speak almost any other until I was 14, and even if my culture is Hungarian more then any else. I went to Hungary a few times, and less and less I felt "Hungarian", real one.

I am French, yes, for I have lived in France more then in any place and now, for a long time already I write in French in my diary, probably I even think in that language!

But if was Transylvania when I went back so many years after, I felt as "I am home, again".

I never lived in the country, my home was the biggest town the university town far from the mountains, we had only slight slopes. And long traditions. But even when I went with my car to tour the country side, I felt "home".

Stopped, near a small street, no asphalt in those villages! That peasant come with his old looking scythe, and I was interested in taking it. As soon as he had seen us, who I was with I do not remember, he took of his hat.

He posed, when he understood, I want him with his instrument.

Then I went closer.

I promised that I'll send him a photo, he was happy and gave me his address. But going closer, speaking to him, I observed his beautiful blue eyes, his nice friendly face too.
What beautiful eyes!
And I learned also, it is worth going closer to people, speaking with them, taking a second look.

If I ever make a book, as I intend, he will be my first example. From him started all the other images, one from farther, the second a lot closer. When I felt it is too close to give a good portrait, I went fast a bit farther and zoomed. But I still like approach, speak. About them, about me. Feel the connection.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Towards the end of the fall

There are some leaves still on the trees, even more beautiful as it approaches their last days.

I was discussing it with my daughter in law yesterday, we are nearer the nature in London as we were in Paris, and we feel the Londoners in general are too.

It is wonderful this feeling to be not only part of the world but part of the nature too!

In fact, he has a broader smileWhile I sat down yesterday, on a bench, near crossing towards the St Johnt's Presbytery park, taking pictures of the leaves felt on the studded crossing, a gentleman passed towards me, slowly, walking with two sticks.

- What are you doing? he begun to speak to me.

After we spoke a while, I dared to ask him to take a photo: he has such a beautiful smile! As soon as the camera was pointed he took a more serious expression, but his eyes continued to smile warmly.

As he went farther, I realized, there are people a lot lonelier that I around here.

My camera is one of the ways I can connect, after that we feel both better. And just a few minutes later, even my postman thanked me for having taken his picture!
Fall hunt mid november-49
I was my pleasure! I hope, he likes this.

My album of the images of end of fall, taken yesterday: if you like any of the images, you can download it, print it. Some of them, I think, are nice to look at.

Friday, November 14, 2008

60 ans!

Perceptions, are so important.

Passing near those, I have seen them continuous and not interrupted by the vertical lines. I am not so sure, what one perceives from this photo.

Happy birthday Charles!

He did not have an easy life, but did his best in every situation. I am sure he will be a great king.

Did you know, that they went to visit Sarkozi and Carla a few days ago? Two modern couples, I am sure they had lot in common, lot to speak beside of course state affairs...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A hungarian arrives in London

Is he Hungarian? From Transylvanian 'székely" small town, not so far from where my father came. He is in fact from Romania, as Transylvania is not part of that country. It begun just 90 years ago.

He went to study in Kolozsvàr (Cluj ?apoca now) were I was born, then to work to Budapest as programmer, and just a week ago, he arrived from Hungary in London.

In a week, he joined 54 Meetup groups! And come Monday to the one I go regularly, week by week. After the meeting, we chatted, I took his portrait, then went to stroll toward Trafalgar Square, still speaking, of course, in Hungarian.

He told me about the clouds that have different quality and colors, depending from where they come, as his neighbor had shown him while he lived still in his small town. He intends to go and see them on the place, from were they come, and I feel he will. He will do what is needed to fulfill his dreams, making them become reality.

Then I went to his profile and discovered that one of the groups he created, I have visited and left note about me in it, 11 month ago! Is it a coincidence, I do not think. But could be.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All kinds of beauty

I go from Charring Cross, through the Embarkader tube entrance to the foot bridge, every Monday, marveling at the floor design and the camera's deformations of it.

I try to catch people in Red.

London from the footbridge (46)dvRed scarf, red coat, red hat.

Sometimes, the red comes and goes away too fast, like a phantom only caught on the image. Even that, is fascinating.

Then, from the footbridge towards the Royal Festival Hall, I admire the lights, on the bank and in the Thames.
London from the footbridge (5)
London from the footbridge (16)
This week, I did not stop at the station and went to the Trafalgar Square, took some pictures of the illuminated National Gallery. Not so bad, but usual. It was slightly raining.

Dark and rain, brrr. Usually.
National Gallery at night (5) LondonNational Galery & reflection in puddle (3)
This time it was like a miracle!

In the puddle, before the illuminated Gallery, suddenly I have seen a new life, a whole building, columns of an other time. So difficult to show all I have suddenly seen in the puddle!

Here, some of it.
National Museum (11)
So many different kinds of beauties in the world!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photobooks at Tate (9)

I met them at Tate, friday night, go to look at IC-YC photos, at flickr.

I like specially the book that was moved fast while the camera took that photo, it come out quite pleasant, showing what the camera does trying to follow what happens.

Ohtervise, for Fireworks, video and sound, even if short, goes to my photoblog.

Monday, November 10, 2008

11 november, Sunday

It does not have to be lots of tombs or signs, a few are enough to remember. Between all I have seen, that before the St John's church left me the strongest impression.

I do not think anyone is buried there, but it is to remember.

Those fallen and those wounded in the first world war: my grand father have been wounded during it too. Those from the other wars, like the second world war. I met a veteran of it yesterday at the London Bridge train station.

- I did not fight, I was in the Marines, he told me, modestly.

But he was sensible to my words of thanks and hold my hand before we parted. Thanking him, perhaps was my contribution to the event.
Veteran Marin 11 november-2
We went to see two cemeteries in East London yesterday. Not much remains from what was there once, so it was not easy to imagine, but going out, meeting people, seeing new places is always interesting.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bonefire night at Blackheath

We were twenty, invited to a small and very nice apartment, in the basement across the street, and about 15 between us arrived from all over the world.

Japan and South America, Nigeria or Bulgaria, Vietnam or Poland. And so many more! A nice chat, two short prayers, a huge and good diner, and then we went out to see the fireworks.

Even with cold wind and later a bit of rain forbidden me finally to take more pictures of them, I had wonderful time and liked a lot the fireworks.

Frozen a bit, after that a hot drink and a hot dog in St John's church was welcome, but even more the interesting social mood I found there, so unlike anything I associated until now with "church".

A camera music in one corner, but not many listened, sitting in groups, on chairs or on the ground, chatting together instead. I was stunned and pleased too.

Last image from yesterday, three beautiful girls from the church entrance.
Bonefire night at St John's-9
In all, it was a great night!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tate London, Flickr, Blurb - and me

Great evening, yesterday, first, let's the images speak for themself.

This slide show is prepared directly from and by, I discovered yesterday we can.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Make your own destiny

Make your own destiny of course whenever you can, as much as you can, this is the tee shirt I bought in the Argenteuil market, near Paris, and this was me only 14 month ago.

I like a lot "Yes I can" because that is what I was saying myself all my life perhaps, and for sure these long fourteen month too.

I could, at least I could loose more then 22 kgs (about 45 pounds) and I could change not only city but country, and I could find an apartment for myself to live, and I could meet people and discover new things, live a full life. I could begin to swim again, and to walk more then before.

Yes, I do.

I am now a bit different outside, not so much inside, but with a lot of more confidence as I can, I do, close the button on my new and tight trousers.
I think whatever Obama will do, in the future, by finding (does not matter who did for him, who suggested it) but by repeating it again and again, he did give courage to many of us. "Yes we can" is magical and can take us far, if we only believe in ourself that we can.

And then, of course, do everything we can to make it true.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thinking of Patrick

The American elections have reminded me of Barrybar, from flickr. Photograph and journalist, around the world, here happy for some month with his new wife from Colorado, he is an angry american, never happy with what is happening there.

I hope, theses days show him too, othervise and sends him a strong message too. America is a great and evolving country!

I will never forget, when we went exactly 30 years ago to my birthday party, my hungarian origin scientist boss inviting us for the occasion to a fancy restaurant, when he had seen an elegant black man entering and sitting to a table, he told me, low voice and in hungarian: a few years ago you could not see here THAT! Even for him, alas, the presence of a black in a fancy restaurant seemed still a choc.

How far America got from those days!

I am proud at all those white people having send a strong signal to all, "we are not racists!" Even if the 44e president of USA is half white, by his mother, the familly that goes to the White House, is a black familly. I am proud for that country I begun to love when I stayed three years there to work.

Thinking of Barrybar nowdays, but preparing for the bonefire night, soon near my house. Even yesterday, we could see fireworks from my own window! There were somewere farther, but so beautiful! Saturday, I'll go out together with others to admire the Blackheath festival, while others of my neighbourgs go away from the noise.

Busy week before me, I just hope to have enough energy for all I propose to do during it. So many to do and not so much power any more in a woman after 70. Still, I'll do all I can. Live as intense as possible my lasts years.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama sweeps to victory as first black president (AP)

President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and Vice president-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill take the stage after Obama delivered his victory speech at the election night party at Grant Park in Chicago, Tuesday night, Nov. 4, 2008.  (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)AP - Barack Obama swept to victory as the nation's first black president Tuesday night in an electoral college landslide that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself.

"Change has come," he told a jubilant hometown Chicago crowd estimated at nearly a quarter-million people.

I am happy not because of him, and I do not see him as "black" he has a white mother already, but the change in America that victory hints is very welcome. OK, so I hoped for a woman to be president, but probably that was too much, too early for the moment.

Change will come, and is welcome, but he will have a very difficult job to do in difficult times.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Going towards

One does not know always exactly towards where one is going, even if there is a goal far away.

Crossing the footbridge from the Toyal Festival Hall towards Embarkader, and Charring Cross, in the humid weather after the meeting of the Artist's Way Meetup group, I was fascinated this time, more with the quiet bridge itself, and its main one light then with the reflections on the Thames.

That shows that all usual beauty fades with time, we are less fascinated and marvel more some new things. But there are so many around us!

Here are some of my images taken yesterday after ten, in reverse order, the last ones at the begining. My preference for the moment goes to the one that has in fact to be seen in very big because it is the darkest.

London Center Evening_0278
Ray of hope? The way to go? I do not know, it does signify perhaps something else to each of us and even to me in different moments.

Monday, November 3, 2008


This month, in our photography masterclass group on flickr, called Afterclass, we begin with the subject Colour Messages.

Does a colors send a message directly to us?


The messages are not the same, from place to place, from civilisation to another one, and there are some colors having many different significations for us.

Let's take "Red".

I London, I found a lot of red: buses, telephone boots, postal boxes, and so on, I think they hint on Royal origin.
Bernadette in Blackheath (5)
In Sicily, as soon as I arrived in Palermo there was a demonstration against the Mafia, and young people put red scarfs around their neck, remembering Garibaldi's revolt. Red flag of revolutions.
Palermo manif (1)
Red is also hinting sex or even love, in same cases, red lamp before a house or red skirt of the can can dancers but also red roses for "I love you!"

What was the first time that I heard today in our group that in China, the red means Luck! And if one goes to bury a woman having lived for as long as 90 years for example, all have to dress in red.

Yesterday, I went to sleep imagining the all in red people around a burial. Yes, one can learn at any age!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Paris London

I am preparing a web expo on the subject not easy to take out just a few from so many pictures!

I let the machine do it for me, and here is what come out.
My creation
My last pictures tagged "London British Museum" and my last pictures tagged "Paris". I would have to change of course those and finally there are not soo good for the expo, I do have to choose one by one.
Paris poster
1. Autour pont Alma-125v, 2. Arrivée Paris matin, 3. Happy birthday, but..., 4. Mime (7)d, 5. Mime (1), 6. Mime (12), 7. Mime (11), 8. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-25, 9. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-37, 10. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-07, 11. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-28, 12. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-36, 13. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-35
Paris come out not too bad, finally.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween for me were the shops and the children and even bigger young people contemplating what they should or could buy for yesterday night.

No one come to knock at my, apartment door or ring, and I finally did not have enough courage to go out and look for some, although I did buy some bonbons prepared to give them away.

Even my grand children did not show me how they went out, if they did. But I did take photos of different shops offerings for the Hallowen. How many and how different!

I understood now even better those teaching their children or smaller brothers to make a face, and "scare' trick or treat without spending any money for it. As it arrived to me once in Argenteuil, near Paris, when some of my neighborhood kids came.
Halloween: they try their worst!
I did invite them and they modeled for me, either showing me their worsts expressions or smiling happy.