Friday, November 7, 2008

Make your own destiny

Make your own destiny of course whenever you can, as much as you can, this is the tee shirt I bought in the Argenteuil market, near Paris, and this was me only 14 month ago.

I like a lot "Yes I can" because that is what I was saying myself all my life perhaps, and for sure these long fourteen month too.

I could, at least I could loose more then 22 kgs (about 45 pounds) and I could change not only city but country, and I could find an apartment for myself to live, and I could meet people and discover new things, live a full life. I could begin to swim again, and to walk more then before.

Yes, I do.

I am now a bit different outside, not so much inside, but with a lot of more confidence as I can, I do, close the button on my new and tight trousers.
I think whatever Obama will do, in the future, by finding (does not matter who did for him, who suggested it) but by repeating it again and again, he did give courage to many of us. "Yes we can" is magical and can take us far, if we only believe in ourself that we can.

And then, of course, do everything we can to make it true.

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