Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fall's end in Greenwich

It is beautiful to look around and admire the nature, even towards the end of the fall, specially in the Greenwich park, but not only, even in my street and the heath leading to the park !

For example, why some leaves have still water drops on them, even if it did not rain the morning? Why others, near them does not?

I learn a lot, looking more, looking better.

Thinking about what to do next year, and even more, why. When one has so many choice as here in London, the choosing is not easy, the decisions either. I decided to stop running from one meetup to other and reflect a bit more about my desires and needs.

But I'll keep on walking, writing in my blogs, taking pictures. Reading too, so much wisdom in some books! And of course, one can learn more at any age.

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