Sunday, November 2, 2008

Paris London

I am preparing a web expo on the subject not easy to take out just a few from so many pictures!

I let the machine do it for me, and here is what come out.
My creation
My last pictures tagged "London British Museum" and my last pictures tagged "Paris". I would have to change of course those and finally there are not soo good for the expo, I do have to choose one by one.
Paris poster
1. Autour pont Alma-125v, 2. Arrivée Paris matin, 3. Happy birthday, but..., 4. Mime (7)d, 5. Mime (1), 6. Mime (12), 7. Mime (11), 8. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-25, 9. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-37, 10. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-07, 11. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-28, 12. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-36, 13. La Fiesta au Moulin Rouge-35
Paris come out not too bad, finally.

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