Saturday, January 29, 2011

Discussion from Davos

Clinton was president, ten years ago; now for ten years, he did not stop thinking and acting.

I listened to a few videos, from one hour to twenty minutes, yesterday, on YouTube. I liked a lot, Nicolas Sarkozy's speech about G20 and the future. How important is now to do, instead of only discussing. Then I listened to some others, finaly found Clinton.

What a natural good speaker he is too. Great "voice variety" and "body movements", even sitting, he never stopped. And yes, he seems so natural, so authentic too. I liked!:
talk about what works
don't just talk about
do something about it
I loved how he told to all:

We have to put our country back to the future business
Churchill said to the media, before America came to participate in the second world war:
"America always does the right thing,
after exhausting every other alternative"
We have now to exhaust this every other before... but be sure, we'll do it.

Because he is no more president, premier minister, official, he spoke more freely I think. In all, listening to one and another speaking in Davos, I understood how important those talks can be. For the near  present and for the far away future of our children too.

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