Friday, January 28, 2011

The sky is always there

The sky is always there for us, in joy and in sorrow.

We did finish to speak about photographing the sky and the next month, but beginning from today, we will speak about photography of children In the group Afterclass on Flickr.

At least, one month I am assured the group will be very well lead.

And then, what?

Children in Paris (32)A bit tired to find leaders for the different workshops, yes, but this is our 55th month! Not so bad, after all.

Children I am sure will be a popular subject, but also there is so much to be said about.

On the long range, so much wonderful material in that group! So many wonderful people who freely taught the others! Free there for anyone to see, to experiment, to learn.

So, who knows, perhaps something will still jump up for March too.

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