Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do not through away!

Not only can it be quiet and not overcrowded, in the winter, but the sea and all around has a specific colour.

I hope to go this year also to see the sea, if only a few hours, as last year.

This picture, taken in Howe near Brighton, last year, as we went with an elders photo group to take pictures, is now become my desktop. I discovered it looking for a new one and was stunned how much I like it now. At the time, I did not even consider it worth putting it to the flickr site with the other photos I have taken that day.

Yes, as usual, too many images for one day, and to much rush to get them out, show them. Not spending enough time, also I spend usually a lot with my images, to ponder about each of them.

This image that I like so much now, was almost lost...

Do not through away too fast the images that do not take your eyes right away!

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