Monday, January 31, 2011

Photos discovered

All those photos discovered by others, like this one, after more then two years, bring me back, at the instant, the moment I have taken them.

I liked to go out with the Portrait Photography group, even if most of them where shy to take images of the strangers on the street. I did not, I like going toward them, speaking with them.

This was a colourful Estonian, under the Bridge near the Royal Festival Hall, drinking with his Lituanian pal. He was happy to be photographed and to speak with me. And what wonderful interesting expressions!

Rediscovering, brings me back a lot, and the mood that day, and all the other pictures I made of different people at that outing. That was the problem. Too many pictures, this one was drawing between them. I did prefer one with the two of them, but this is probably even better. Now, I look at it with new eyes.

Enjoying, also my contact, with so many different people, that we can approach, if we do it with real sympathy.
Here are the others from which this is "just" one of them, so many I spoke to that day!

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