Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Your most important accomplishment?

To introduce me, yesterday's Ewan, the Toastmaster of the Evening, in the club near London Bridge, asked me:

"What was your most important accomplishment in 2010 ?"

I answered that it was my telling a story before 300 and being paid by it.

But was it really?

I got more pleasure telling stories at the Canal Cafe Theatre, and I love the audience of 60 so responsive, there! I got more pleasure in listening to the speeches of those I helped to grow. I got more pleasure coming home with my grand son hand in my hand.

Preparing my stories. Learning new techniques. Delivering the same story better. Finally, the most important from 2010 is the progress I did achieve in storytelling.

That is my "resolution" for the next year: be able to tell better, be able to have even better contact with the public at the end of next year then now. Connecting with the audience: what a pleasure!

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