Tuesday, January 4, 2011


There remain mostly memories now of the festive season.

As this fir, a bit sad and planted in a garden. And hopes for the new year.

I remember having almost cried when because of the snow the Airports of London closed and my daughter could not arrive in time from USA.

I remember the joy Christmas day, when she finally did arrive and a great diner we had with a Scot / Vietnamese British family, together.

I remember the Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde, still modern and well played that we assisted with my daughter, and the diner in family at the 'Girafe' restaurant with all the family a day later.

I remember the strolls in central London and to the Greenwich observatory and that I was at the end a bit more tired then I wanted. I remember the visit with her to the British Museum, but mostly I do remember my daughter's warm smile and her hand holding mine.
Agnes après visit a British Museum
She is now back, the festive season finished but the memories remain.

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