Friday, December 20, 2013

Thames path

Thames path, December 4:30 pmBlackfriers, Thames path closedExit BlackfriersSt Paul CathedralMileneum bridgeNear Milleneum Bridge
Milleneum bridgeThames path, from Milleneum bridgeThames path beginsAccross the riverThames pathdetail accross the river
The loose canon pub's street, night in LondonTower bridgeThe towerPassing under the bridgeBridge coloursUnder bridge
Approaching Tower bridgeFrom the Thames path, lights & colors

Thames path, a set on Flickr.

after the sun set down and with a bit of rain but not much, I caught finally the Thames path at the Millennium Bridge - walked till the Tower Bridge

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The perfect moment

We never forget that perfect moment! Those rest embedded in us. Even when there are not followed by what we did think at that time. In me, even an hour when I waited for someone who never arrived remains as a very happy hour. And a day of expecting a perfect week, remains also a joyful memory. Of course also those happy hours or days, when all was absolutely wander full. And lately, the happy moments with my last love: the audience.

Yesterday, I had seen a movie on Netscape. At the end, the voice of the heroine, after a happy moment, summarise the premise of the film:

"there is no such thing as perfect job, perfect family or perfect life, but there are perfect moments in life."

So true. Let us make, take, enjoy, our life's perfect moments. Dare to enjoy and live them. As the movie suggest, make, at least once in life crazy things. I would say dare to go 'out of our comfort zone' more then once. At least, relationships. Creative endeavours. New things at old age.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cake for gram

I am a really happy grandma! My grand daughter just told her father: "if you go to see gram only an hour later this morning, I could bake a cake for her!" T

hen she asked me if I would like a chocolate cake? Yeah! With nuts?

Wonderful! Perhaps, not so good for my weight, I thought, not told, but YES YES Of course, "I am ready to wait one more hour!"

She makes great cakes.