Friday, January 29, 2010

BBC Learning English Dot Com

Linking on the web is so important!

One can go from one to the other and discover, waw, lots of important things.

This morning I got an email "circuits" from New York Times, as usual each week, and from there I found a link to another article in the same journal about "learning languages on the web" and from theire, to the free language learning from BBC.

At first, I was unhappy, that all there was up the front where languages one can learn, when one IS English, but going down the page it was also English!

You can learn also English: pronunciation, spelling, grammar, etc. with podcasts (radio or voice) or even videos! and also, of course text. A very nice woman in the video does show you all the 44 English sounds, so much more then the 26 letters, plus of ourse, never used or not often as one should believe.

Not only that, but also example of linking words together, not prononcing some of the letters at all, etc. Great examples, to go back, to listen!

There was once, also direct "insert video" there is no more, so I'll have to insert it differently, or just give a link, to it, to let it see on the bbc web site.
Anyway, each of us can discover what we are interested, as long as we find the first link to it. When a year ago I was looking at learning pronunciation, I did not find this site. But perhaps the time for it arrived, now.

For all those "sounds" written here in international "letters" there is a somewhat more or less English way to say it, some of it, I could find equivalent in my first language, Hungarian, other in Romanian, and others nothing at all in any others then English. Those sounds from coming from far or very close, I am not sure I'll ever pronounce well, but at least, I can learn not to say "pioneer" as in Romanian or French, but do say pajoniar, instead of I or Ia, to say Aj - aie!

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