Sunday, January 10, 2010

Granada granada

I took lots of videos the 19th December in Granada, and do ot know what to do with them. My new program, makes a great video of them, even the sound is better, but so big, huge, that I cannot upload it to show.

So I put up some of the images from the evening, and did try to upload a partial video, and it went so slowly theat all the morning got up only about 15 percent of all.

Ok, I'll have to find something else or another program that makes thinner videos. Or just put them on, one by one.

Did I already show here any of them?

Probably, the first I uploaded.

Here is at least a slidshow of the last uploaded images from that day.


  1. As always, you have some excellent photos - I especially love the lights.

    Can you explain the way that some of the men are dressed? Was there a special event?

  2. Hi Julie, I didn't have a clue you moved to London, I had so much work to do that I kind of gave up blogging for a while. I went back to Gabrielia the other day and found an old comment of yours. My main blog now is (althought that hasn't been updated in a while either). Maybe I'll get a chance to come to London in spring...

  3. London is great in spring, Gabriela,

    Rachel: the absolvents of different Universities of the Granada province, "Tune" music and singing troupes performed at the Isabel Theater for the end of year.

    That was their dress for the performance, I'll show some of the performance today. They had all the ribbons they won and all the emblems of the cities and countries they have ever performed.