Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have a Television!

This would not be interesting, but for nine whole years I did not have a television, so for me it is a new thing.

Nine years ago, it was me who decided, after having be obliged to sleep later, as my husband wanted to see the programs late and the tele was very near our bed, I had enough: computer is more important for me and I do not want to waist my time looking at the, often bad, teve programs.

I did not really miss it, and when I arrived in London, there was a very bad tele here that I could use, when it worked, mostly I used it to look at speeches in the Parliament and some news. It was huge and very heavy and finally I got read of it.

Now I have a small but numeric and thin television, I hope, listening, from time to time, will improve my English, and, sometimes, bring me some amusement too. Perhaps, I will be also to look through it in a bigger size then my portable computer, to my photos. 22 inch is not so bad already!

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