Sunday, January 3, 2010

Common effort

Better seen in big size HERE Click on the picture, makes it even bigger, the second one smaller again.
This is the fruit of long and common effort.

First, a photowalk due to John Levett, who leads the Greenwich London Independent Photographer's group, last spring. It was then that I discovered that wall in Depford. It fascinated me, but being so big and so long, I did not know what to do with it, other then take a few details here or there.

Last month, in the Flickr Afterclass group, we studied about Panoramas. I did not know really how to use it effectively yet nor how to stitch pictures together.I just felt, once it could be important.

Yesterday, I was walking with blogger and flickr friends, the same that invited me to their place mid England last spring and showing them that wall. Suddenly, I decided it could be a good panorama subject, being so long and, after me, interesting. Drawn by children from the nearby houses.

In the evening, I also discovered that my own Photoshop Elements 6 that I used so long time already can Photomerge! And this morning, full of new energy I did it. Here it is, thank to all who contributed to it.

Good new year 2010 with friendship, of different people, as it shows on this wall of Depford, London.

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