Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baguette from Boulengerie Jade

In fact, there are lots of places one can find a good baguette in London, this was only one of the prettiest.

But it was also good.

I just finished the last part of it this morning.

The problem with this kind of bread, most of French baguettes indeed, is that they do not last. They dry very fast, or become crunchy, alas.

It is said "when you are dealt a lemon, make a lemonade", this morning, I made a Toast from the last part of it.

It was more difficult to think about my yesterday storytelling, with which even if its evaluation was great, I found pitiful. At the beginning, I was searching for words, was not sure enough of myself. Afraid to pronounce badly one word, I did mispronounce badly the other.

Only half way, my story got off the ground and my telling improved a bit. And of course, the nice welcome of the audience, helped me too, also it was the worse of my contact with the audience, from the beginning of last year!

Well, next time can be only better...

But at least, in my blog about Competent Communication, I"ll have what to analyze, what to discuss, and finally, make a lemonade from the lemon.

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