Sunday, January 17, 2010

LIP Goldsmith group on Urban PHotography

Tuesday, starts a new collaboration, between Goldsmith students and professors interested in Urban photography, and the Greenwich's London Independent Photographers.

I look forward to it and I am sure will learn a lot from that collaboration.

Already, I look different at some of my photos I have taken lately in Depford, wich is the area that fascinates me most around here.

I went there first because my daughter in law went with a photo--class from Greenwich, to the market of Depford's High Street, then as directed by John, leader of our Greenwich Lip, on a weekend photowalk. I went back alone, and with Rachel and then Rachel and her husband again, and again.

Each time, the same streets offer me new insights and bring me new stories.

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  1. Oh, interesting! I'll look forwards to seeing what you come up with.