Saturday, September 22, 2012

Random few from 50 000

Generated "random" each day, I am not sure this slide show will change, but the set for sure will

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Comedian's eye

Problems with teeth?

No more biting an apple or even a peach?

So what?

Cut in slices is as good, sweet and tasty!

And plus, I can now add a new paragraph to my comedy routine: "Born in Transylvaniania, but I am not a vampire! I can no more even bite!"

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hungarian layered pancakes yesterday in familly

Requested by my grandson, prepared by my son this great cake finished the good diner, prepared by my daughter in law yesterday evening.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New experiments for an old woman

Exciting days ahead of me. 

Tonight, a comedy Variety night, At The Finsbury, near Manor Tube, 8 30 pm, ten minutes my humorous tale "Unexpected" direct and hot from Edinburgh's True Tales performance where it had great success.

Thurday noon, a great Toastmasters meeting with London Trustmasters, 12 pm at Northern Trust - I am Grammarian. It seemed at first aquard, a Hungarian - French grammarian in English, even if only for an evening, but I learned to track Rethoric, that I can do. Or an expressions that build an image in the mind. (like the rusty car Barak used to go out to their first date with Michelle 'one could see through')  

Friday afternoon, a shortened version of my Unexpected true tale, at a new Comedy workshop experiment, combining gig, impro, storytelling with teaching about it, "Funny Fitzrovia" near Goodge Street Tube. 6 30 pm. 
   Fitzrovia at Fitzrovia Community Centre  comedy and workshop

Saturday,  5' standup comedy gig at a new place, a Variety spectacle, 'ye olde rose' way north of London. 

All this are part of Change and continuing Experimenting, and new places for an old woman. 

Stephanie, was almost blind and still sculpting and even teaching sculpture! "do not die before dying" she told me. She was the wisest woman I ever knew. Did live till 93 living the fullest she could. 

After all this rush, weeks to prepare the new area Storytelling workshop, that begins the 27th in CITI...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Club Kaleida opening

All singing together, with the singer musician at the opening of Kaleida club, near Algate station, and not far behind the Dirty Dick pub, where I have already performed once.

All day, I prepared for it, trying to forget that soon I'll have a minor surgery. Being preoccupied by something else, helps a lot.

I opened my set in the middle and put it three different new bits, in fact, four, to make it thicker. Three of four where hits, the forth I'll have to reformulate still.

In all, my performance went very well, and I provoked lots of laughter. I also learned, that the cabaret or variety audience is less reactive, less keen to answer, to shout, then those used to comedy clubs. They still enjoy it a lot and laugh, but they react differently. It is not so difficult to adjust to it one one realize it.

It was great, the organizers were also happy with the result of my performance and, for the first time, I was paid for Comedy, not only for Storytelling. And now, I am sure, I have 10 or more minutes!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

President Clinton for Obama - historic speech!

Historic rhetoric and one of best politic speech I ever heard!