Saturday, November 21, 2009

In the search of Green birds

I admire, from time to time, the green birds, are they papagals? they arrive to feed, but rarely, in the garden under my window.

They are afraid of any movement and usually, if I open the window a bit, that scares them away, and all disappear, flying fast far away.

Yesterday, I was able for the first time in month, to open the window so quiet that they did not realise and kept on feeding, one after the other.
In the search of Green birds-12d
I had the time to put on my long-view lens and "catch" some of them.

I do believe there are two of them in this image.

In the search of Green birds-37d
And then I caught one 'nearer' while resting.

They are so beautiful!

From time to time, they come to eat near the pigeons, but the smallest movement or noise scares them off.

It is not easy to see in the nature a green or blue bird!

In London it is possible.

In my childhood, I believed the "blue bird" is only in fair tales, "all the birds are grey of course:"

Later, I told myself, that one can see them, colourful, only in Zoo or cages, not free in nature, at least not in Europe.

The pleasure to look at them in our garden is bigger thus.

I remember the film, 'the blue bird' all grey until the small girl found it, after looking all around in the word, as she returned - at home!

One can find so much joy at home too, indeed.

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