Monday, November 23, 2009

Windy and rainy November in London

Ok, finally the rain arrived, also from time to time the sun comes out and shines and suddenly warms up everything, even my heart.

From my window, I feel the rain and wind has its own magic, as you see in this picture.

Today, the tree has lots less leaves that a few days ago, when I took the picture shown here.

But so much to do on a rainy day too!

Yesterday, at the Old Bakehouse Theater, in Blackheath village, Xanthe Gresham, a wonderful storyteller, enchanted us with her tales and her art of storytelling. It was as I imagined, storytelling at its best!

After she went away, as she had to wake up very early and travel far, probably to tell yet other tales, some of us, told our own tales in our own way. Would you believe it? Finally, I decided and told one too.

In fact, I combined two tales, as I played with the idea for days and days and it did work. It made both tales stronger, to be together. The tale about my old great great mother, when the SS came to take her "tomorrow morning" and the tale of the Very old woman and the Death.

It went well, and I did not stumble, and the audience did appreciate it. Yes, it was also a supportive audience giving me more energy to tell.

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