Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spark : Personal storytelling on stage

He was telling, reading his personal story, about his father and himself, the the Power, about how it seems but that is not easy to have power and have to decide.

Next show: Monday 7th of December at 7.30pm stories of A 2ND BIRTHDAY RETROSPECTIVE

Sometimes, having power puts you in a very difficult situation.

I thought, not one of the tales stick to me, but this one did. The officer who had to decide if he orders his troupes to go and fight or stands, hoping the situation resolves itself.

Which will result in the less blood ? Which will bring faster peace? Which is the right decision?

I am happy I never had to make so difficult decisions, not had the power to do those.

Yes, some decisions are about life and death, in war even more so. My parents had to make those during the war, and me, perhaps only once in my life, but it did come out well. I did not have in fact to decide, just have the courage to go and face an armed man, as my children were up there, it was a clear easy decision not to let them be there without me, if necessary standing between them and their armed father.

It turned out well, oh well, as much as it could. It was not me, but him who broke down that night finally§. But did I take in the morning the right decision? That is another matter. Perhaps if I look at my life as it went from there on, yes, even if in short range I was wrong.

So much to say about power, once I have to write it down with clearer head, tell my own story, of how it was to be in the power of another human being, suddenly abusing his power.

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