Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lewisham Speakers 1st Anniversary

Paul, from the London Cardinals club, an accomplished Toastmaster, with great ability to speak and evaluate others speeches too, sitting near Tania, who entered the first time a Toastmasters meeting and did even not dare to stand up, while speaking a few words to us.

But Tania, joined yesterday evening, and will improve her speaking skills rapidly! That is all what Toastmasters is about.

I have asked Richard, who joined recently, to welcome Tania, to give her confidence, with that occasion I am sure he realised how long he has gone since he joined and was panicked to stand up. Yesterday, he even gained the Best Topicspeaker award!

So many have contributed yesterday not only that our meeting goes smoothly and we celebrate together, but also to the cohesion of our club. I felt a real enthusiasm, and perhaps for the first time, I felt I did a good job for the members of our club (and guests) to feel good.

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