Tuesday, November 3, 2009

End and begining

That street like this does not exist any more, a night of wind and rain finished the warm colors and now they are more leaves on the ground then on the branches.

The fall finished.

The winter begins.

Tomorrow, the last, 10th manual speech from my Competent Communicator, "last" one to become "Competent" in Toastmaster sense, which of course means only that I'll have to practice again and again, but this time choosing a speech, that I WANT from the Advanced Communicator manuals.
Fall's end in London

First, the Storytelling, then some others too.

I still have the manuals from 30 years ago, and I'll ask some more, so it is a bit sad and I am a bit afraid of my 10th speech that still did not "gel" changing from day to day, but also proud of myself: I did it!

In January or February someone told me "you cannt do it in a year!" and here I am, ten month later, finishing it.

Of course, I had to join two clubs, give speeches at every occasion, two of the ten in yet another club, but I did prepare them all carefully and with lots of time given to prepare them. I learned a lot through preparing and delivering it, and now, I'll have to apply what I learned.

I even learned a lot about myself!

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  1. Congratulations, m'amie! An impressive accomplishment!