Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am preparing the next year, weekly calendar.

One page by week, one image to look at all week long. Which should I choose?

I decided to put this year, photos of showing seasons and weathers, but the one you see here, is not exactly what you would think. This are Christmas trees with painted white, there is not often snow in Paris or its suburbs, here Argenteuil, two years ago.

Winter season, Spring flowers and fruits, summer joys and the arriving of fall, but also wind and rain or good weather. Lot to choose from. But that will be not today.

I did choose some to show in my french blog, two for each season or weather, here they are.

Next day snow in LondonNeigeDsJardin-017

First flowers 2009 in garden (8)Cerises, vie "familliale"

PhotoCanon049Souvenirs d'Edinbourg-01

Automn colors_0175fall's end-29

Fog and cold near Eiffel TowerFirst fog in London & the Heath

Londres du bus (4)lrapres pluie (1)

Perhaps you find some you like: feel free to choose any from my pictures if you, if want to print them. There are more then 200 in the set these one are.

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