Saturday, November 28, 2009

More then four hours

From me to Ealing Broadway, East of London, more then two hours to go and two to return.

But just as these three, happy to be there, I do not complain.

We are not happy for the same motif. They were happy to be in London's transport! I was happy to have gone to the Ealing University and assist to a workshop about "series of photos" and "on-line publishing" and even more, how to choose.

First to know: what we want to express, to say, to convey?

Even if I do not know, at the beginning, she told us, towards the middle of a trip, I do know, I find a thread, something that from then on, I follow through and take more that kind of images.

Eliminating those who are not contributing to say what I want to convey in that book, that time. And then tell a story with the images. Also, aware how the eyes of the viewer have to flow, from one to other. Similarity of some of the colors, some of the forms, and so on.

Taking the photos from one then other, she showed us, and found, speaking with each, what they really convey or wanted to convey, taking those images.

Just taking great landscape, is not enough. But why this? so it went.

I did not bring, happily, any images, but now I'll have to begin to think like that, about some series that I want to make.

What I want to convey by them?

How to make a story with them?

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