Wednesday, December 29, 2010

London's New Year Parade-1st Jan 2010

Will I have the courage to go out in the cold, again?

I did enjoy last year's parade in London, even if after three hours I realized my feet almost could not move, because of the cold.

And look here at the young girls who came and went with almost nothing warm on them!

Somehow this photo came back to me today, it is one of those I mostly admired but there was many interesting groups.

Yes, the courage to go again and applaud them would be worth.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mistaken identity video at Theatre Canal Café

Mistaken Identity w Title
Uploaded by julie70. - Have a look at more lifestyle videos.

Obervation: "cave" in French is "cellar" in English but I have mistaken it to be same so my daughter lived in some kind of basement... not a real "cave"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Children Christmas time in Paris

this picture was taken in 2006 and come back to me now.

For me it expresses so well the wonder the children have looking at Christmas displays!

Of course, for the happiness of having received gifts, I would have to make a video of my grandson jumping and dancing around the tree full of joy, a mere picture of it would not be enough.

From the time my daughter arrived in London, all seems to go so well!

Also I was very tired yesterday afternoon, after a short sleep and a warm shower I went with the family to Christmas diner to a family I did not know before. Their daughter, friend of my grand daughter.

A wonderful English Vietnamese Christmas diner!

I was a bit too wired up and spoke perhaps too much, after a half cup of Champaign and a quarter of cup of great red wine, all that great food. Even the Christmas Pudding was great!

Two years ago, I have decided that I like everything British, but the pudding, but I was wrong! It depends which and how.

I am happy I did not stay home, when I felt tired!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Under the tree

Under our family tree, lots of presents, and even for me, from my grand children, but the biggest present for me is my daughter, who finaly arrived to visit!

No problems, this time, but the flight was rough.

We had also Turkey for us, and a vegetarian lunch for her.

The grand children had to wait to open their presents until we arrived from the airport, which seemes so long to them that they called five time asking "so, when you arrive home?"

International Arrivals Heathrough
The plain arrived early but they had to wait 40 minutes to go out, so not to mix with internal arrivels, so we arrived "home" not so early as the children would have waited.

Between all the gifts, I loved most the one they made, for their parents, hand made!

Friday, December 24, 2010

End of the snowman

I do hope, at least for a few days, it does remain like this, so the Airports can remain open and my daughter arrive here.

A white Christmas is beautiful, on postcards.

A white Christmas was great in my childhood.

We were send out to play on slides on our sloped streets nearby, while the Christmas tree was put up to surprise us, and coming back, we found it there.

I was never thinking of icy snow, or someone opening or closing the airport - we did not have any in our city, and the bus took us later up the hill, so we can ski down on the specially arranged long way:.

In Kolozsvar (now Cluj Napoca) we had snow from end October to mid March, and it was normal and great. I did mind it only once that I had broken my leg, to show off to my father my skying ability going through an field not "broken". But that was not the snow's fault.

I remember wonderful Christmas eve's, in Kolozsvar, all the other children came to my house, they did not have the great Christmas tree my own St Nicolas brought me every year, with the special bonbons on the tree and gifts under it.

Today, it is a blogger that offered a gift: the possibility to see what were, what are, the most looked at entries in any of my blogs!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The naked presenter

I love already the title.

Intriguing, is not it?!

The naked presenter by Garr Reinolds, a book about how to present before public, staying, somehow like in a Japonaise commun bath, "naked" open, vulnerable to communicate more effectively, with more power. Allowing yourself to be exposed.

Expressing freely, washing away before all it is not necessary, nothing letting come between the audience and the presenter. Removing the walls and barriers. Confident yet vulnerable and flexible.

Being totally in the moment.

So much good ideas in this book! Those are just a few from the first chapter.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A hat for 21 Decembre

A hat makes such a difference!

I do not wear or have many hats, but I realise their importance more and more.

This one, was given to me by my grand-son last year.

I looked at the mirror yesterday morning, my hair got too long, will not stay any longer in its place, but this hat hide all that.

I could take a "first winter day" picture for a flickr group that ask us to take pictures at four days separating the seasons of the year.

Taking a picture of myself, nothing new. So I tried to add to it different expressions. This one of surprise with eyes open big, is my favourite.

Continuing to like playing, like a child, even at the "respectable age" of 76, is useful not only. for my future storytelling, about which I thought taking the picture, but also my own soul. I am responsible as an adult but playful as a child. At least, I try to be both.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So many feelings yesterday, one after the other!

And, finally, perhaps she will arrive even if not now, later in the week.

The most important is to know she is save and not sleeping at an airport or freezing of cold outside!

Yesterday, reminded me how much my children mean to me and how much they meant all along.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What went wrong?

My daughter was supposed to arrive this morning.

Her plane never left.

The British Airways decided to cancel the flight, also this morning some planes do arrive to Heathrow.

I was wondering how come a huge city's biggest airport can be frozen with a bit of snow, until I heard the speaker on the television explain: they did not have the equipment necessary to clean the runways. They did not think it is worth the money.

I feel it is a shame.

We do not prepare enough for emergencies. Even when they do arrive year after year!

For the moment, I am not sad, my daughter could not arrive, in time or at all, I am furious. Of all those who do not take their responsibility of country, town, airport, airways seriously. They do take extra money for people to travel at holly days, but do not ensure they could do it.

Reputation is more easy lost then money and more difficult to gain back!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Automn & Winter

Autumn leaves that resisted, snow covering them, brings together two seasons, in the courtyard.

This snow, this time did not square me to go out.

It sticks and is not icy, at least for the moment.

It is also possible, that I got now courage that I did not have a week ago, when the last snowfall happened. I was afraid to go out, and now I am not afraid.

Courage makes so many things different!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am reading about Communication

This old bridge, traversing more a stream then a river, nevertheless very necessary, seems very old.

It was last year, in Granada, South of Spain.

Somehow, this morning I see it as the most important part of communication between the presenter and his or her audience. Being able to establish a bridge through which then the communication may pass from one to the other.

I see myself also looking at this bridge on the very narrow street near it, last year this time. It was a wonderful time, it was also a sad time. I lost a friend, the communication between us deteriorated by the trip instead of ameliorating.

I hope very strongly this year it will be very different, and end of year will bring more and not less near me those I like or love.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow, again in London

It begun to snow even in London, again, today.

I used my day to make some variations of some of the photos I have taken a year ago in the warm south of Spain town Granada.

Also, to see with my grand son the Wizard of Oz.

I have bought it a month ago for such an occasion, and was happy when he discovered it and asked for it.

And here, are some images from Granada, 2009, 14° in December/

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspirational speeches

Yesterday I heard a wonderful Inspirational Speech by Richard Green, alas I was so much taken by it that I did not take it in video, not even a photo of it.

Perhaps, tonight I may do it.

Richard"s (not here in photo) speech from heart and very much toward to the audience to which it was addressed. Its title was "Facing the Dragon or was it the Giant?" if I well remember the title. Yes, facing it he becomes smaller and smaller, running from it bigger and bigger.

And another one, also telling almost the same "how to overcome", but using others experiences. It showed me how much more powerful a personal story makes a speech, confirmed it to me how much we should use it, indeed.

This morning, I listened on to Tony Porter's speech "Call to men" (it is his photo in this post) an example of a very strong inspirational speech, again, with not one, but many personal stories in it. It did inspire me so strongly that I decided not to let drop my intended subject but take it from another angle.

Not "abuse of a woman by a man" but about "wife and husband relationship in family."

 in my blog Competent Communicator, I put it there as I felt it was a great example of great communication from which I, and perhaps others can learn.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greenwich market lights

The street light are great, nearby but I did not succeed to take them well, then, I observed the lights in the pavillion of Greenwich market.

Interesting to see them without anyone inside.

Only another person passed through, towards the end, the rest I was alone in the huge market hall.

I will have to return to it, soon, take images of the Christmas Market, when it is full of sellers and buyers.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Very good evening

First, listening and looking to the children in the church, from my grandson's school, performing with enthousiasm and singing.

They were so cute!

And the program very good too.

At the end, "Marry Christmass" in 33 languages!

After it a Christmas diner with six other Toastmasters, very good interaction too, I am happy I went.

And now, as my going to sleep hour has passed long time ago, I am no more tired at all.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pubs and beer

This photo is taken in Ireland, Connemara Roundstone in summer, but the beer culture and pubs are general in England, Scotland and Wales too.

So much, as I heard a whole hour the recent governement deputies discuss "how to save the local pubs" and beer companies, too!

No one to speak about the pubs and alcoolics, no one to speak that those are places where mostly men go and only more rare occasions women and families.

Also, I have to admit, in Ireland and some pubs in London I have seen families going too, and of course, not only dirnking but eating.

Still, pubs in Brittain are more beer drinking, and not only one cup, then socializing, as I see it still now. And not really, most of them, for gathering with other families, as they seemed to speak the MPs!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arriving from far away

Honty Hanna was one of the biggest stars of operette in Hungary for long time and the operette Gypsy princess, as it was translated wrongly in Engish from La reine de Csardas by Kalman, composed in 1917, one of the greatest operetta.

I just have bought an Australian film by opera house, alas with opera voices, and not all very acting singers, but it was a pleasure anyway.

Here is just one example of how it should be played, here the hero's mother, who in fact, even now is Princess, was a cabarette singer in her young days.

The barometer is on rain, and pain
all is not shiny today,
but let's forget all sadness
soon the good weather will return
let us forget all sadness
soon there will be sweet grape and fresh bred again

This is how an operetta should be played and sung!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Party

Do we have to use every offer to spend our money?

I do not know, how much "tradition" is to have Christmas Partys in England, but in France and Romania and Hungary, wherever I lived, Christmas was a Family affaire.

We gathered together, to celebrate it in family, inviting friends too, dear and near friends and relatives.

We did not go "out" !

At the end of the year, for the night of 31 it was different. We did gather with friends mostly of our age to dance, drink and eat, "so we be so happy as that all next year" and there were some parties outside also, even if in my youth, as we did not have much money, we mostly gathered to one or others house, bringing each of us something to contribute.

"We have to have a Christmas Party!" Do we?

Do we have to spend money for the restaurant diner, more then usual, just because it is Christmas coming?

Can we not spend our money more wisely or meet to someone's place without paying extra?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lights on river

I did not stay long, but I went nearer the river, first, as soon as come out of the Temple station, to admire the lights on the river.

The camera I had does not zoom a lot, but my eyes, remember.

I will have to go out at the same place, when the sun sets. In the spring or summer it does set a lot later.

I am happy to join a new club, a flexible club, and a welcoming warm and interesting one too. Already yesterday, I learned. Learned how to do, and how to improve doing too. I will have to introduce more my readings, and tell also what I liked about it and why I choose them.

I am less sure to tell why they should like it.

Each should choose why they like, not? There are so many different things we can take away with us from a poem or a story!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmass on the streets


You asked me to take some pictures of Christmass decorations on the streets of London for the pupils learning English in Canary Islands.

When I know, it is for someone, there is interest, I am more enthousiast and willing to go out, even in cold weather to take images.

This morning, I ressembled some old ones, in 3 sets, on flickr: Christmass in England, Christmass in France and in Spain. Here some from France, Paris and around it mostly, assembled thinking of children.

Between all in England to which I still have to add this month, and some old ones that I have to find yet, this drawing on the wall in Rochester, at the begining of this note and one in the park near my place where "papa noêl" came on huge byke to see the children.

Sale sale sale: London 2009

I still have to go out to see and take images of the end of year in London.

But last year, I was active and went out.

It seems to me now, that I was so young!

Perhaps the feeling of "young" will come back, but meanwhile here are some of the pictures I took last year, reworked this morning.

They capture the "look and feel - and mood".

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reading "too many free days this Christmass season"

The project ask me to find a short story, or a chapter from a book and select parts of it, and then read those parts with feeling, conveying most possible "interpreting"

This is the tale as I told (and then again shortened) in my dicta-phone yesterday.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dublin memories

Here are a few "last" pictures from Dublin, taken the day I come back to London.

I decided to show it in bigger size, to view it better.

It begins with the statue of a speaker, of course, we went to Dublin to speak and listen to other Toastmasters, and this shows that Dublin honours speakers!

Also regrets: I did not go in the small bookworm shop, I knew if I do, I cannot resist to add to my bag's weight. There are a few scattered man size sculptures in the city, telling all I think a tale, reminding of - for me unknown - tale. One day, I have to stroll in Dublin with someone who does remind it to me!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lewisham Supermarket

Yesterday, my son came to pick me up.

The main roads are ok, but my road was let "as is" and that was not so good as few cars pass. In the courtyard, even more snowy and icy.

He took me to Lewisham, and finally, I have my new eyeglasses!

I see, the screen as I write, and without glare too!

What a joy!

My reading glasses are a bit less. I still have difficulty to see well small print, and even more, thin print or grey print.

Some think that is "elegant" - it may be but it is a lot less visible to people like me.

How full already the supermarket was, and it is only the beginning of the holiday season!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

If it was only

If it was only the snow, I would have gone out yesterday.

But as I went down to take my mail, yes, I still had mail, and as I openend the door to step out with my camera for a few photos, suddenly, the road was icy.

I did like ice and skiting when I was child.

A few years ago.

devant la porte
but that was not for me - for now.

Then my eyes fall on this, and I made one step outside to capture it.

There was life even under the snow.

But at 76 years old, I was still better inside then outside for the moment.

Friday, December 3, 2010

four generations cca1935

Four generation of women.

My great grand-mother, Paula,
my grandmother Sidonie,
and also
my aunt, my mother"s youngest sister,
and her daughter, 2 y older then me,

So different in dress and appearance!

but not so different perhaps in character.

also Susanna, my oldest cousin was softer, then perhaps her elder, and definitely then me, probably just born at the time.

Paula was a very warm, optimist, but very strong woman.

Widowed early with 7 children, the eldest, my grand mother only 14 at the time, she took over a factory, distillery, and managed it in a time when few women did such things.

She was also the one that taught me, 11 years after this photo, that "something good comes from every coup that descends on us".

Sidonie, very brave, very quiet, very cultured too, who had the courage to write a journal through her and her family's ordeal in the German camp of Bergen Belsen, wrote from the moment they were taken from home throughout and even, after.

I translated it in French and English, also it had cost me, as it is not easy read, but it has sunny and even funny moments in it too. Sidonia also welcomed and helped me when I emigrated from Romania and was waiting a baby. Me, and later, my husband too.

My aunt did not have an easy life, but under the appearance of fragility, she was of steal and forged out a life for herself and her two children. Her first husband died as they were yet young and she did not remarry until late. But even when 90, she still found a friend, she could be so fragile, attractive and intelligent too.

Courageous women, life did not deal easy for them, but they did the best they could with it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome and speak to a stranger - from

we can learn, not only from what William Uri tells at Ted, but also how he does it

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On Grant's Whisky YouTube Video True Stories 1

Here is my first "pro" storytelling in Manchester's huge beautifull townhall