Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspirational speeches

Yesterday I heard a wonderful Inspirational Speech by Richard Green, alas I was so much taken by it that I did not take it in video, not even a photo of it.

Perhaps, tonight I may do it.

Richard"s (not here in photo) speech from heart and very much toward to the audience to which it was addressed. Its title was "Facing the Dragon or was it the Giant?" if I well remember the title. Yes, facing it he becomes smaller and smaller, running from it bigger and bigger.

And another one, also telling almost the same "how to overcome", but using others experiences. It showed me how much more powerful a personal story makes a speech, confirmed it to me how much we should use it, indeed.

This morning, I listened on to Tony Porter's speech "Call to men" (it is his photo in this post) an example of a very strong inspirational speech, again, with not one, but many personal stories in it. It did inspire me so strongly that I decided not to let drop my intended subject but take it from another angle.

Not "abuse of a woman by a man" but about "wife and husband relationship in family."

 in my blog Competent Communicator, I put it there as I felt it was a great example of great communication from which I, and perhaps others can learn.

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