Monday, December 27, 2010

Mistaken identity video at Theatre Canal Café

Mistaken Identity w Title
Uploaded by julie70. - Have a look at more lifestyle videos.

Obervation: "cave" in French is "cellar" in English but I have mistaken it to be same so my daughter lived in some kind of basement... not a real "cave"


  1. Hi! What was the name of your company and what happened to it?

    Very good speech, by the way :)

    Thanks, Mark

  2. The company name was BIP, bureau d'ifnormatique personalisée, and after ten years, I had to close it.

    But at that time, I already had a three year contract with a state university to be in charge of all Apple computers and users of those working at the university. At tha time there were about four hundred Macintosh and more users. Finaly, I did retire from there.

  3. You have many great stories Julie. I enjoyed watching/listening to this one.