Monday, December 13, 2010

Pubs and beer

This photo is taken in Ireland, Connemara Roundstone in summer, but the beer culture and pubs are general in England, Scotland and Wales too.

So much, as I heard a whole hour the recent governement deputies discuss "how to save the local pubs" and beer companies, too!

No one to speak about the pubs and alcoolics, no one to speak that those are places where mostly men go and only more rare occasions women and families.

Also, I have to admit, in Ireland and some pubs in London I have seen families going too, and of course, not only dirnking but eating.

Still, pubs in Brittain are more beer drinking, and not only one cup, then socializing, as I see it still now. And not really, most of them, for gathering with other families, as they seemed to speak the MPs!

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