Monday, April 30, 2012

Even if it rains

1 mai, rainy day, but...
Even if it rains, the 1rst May and spring can be beautiful. I fact, the colours are even more saturated.

photo from Argenteuil, France

Sunday, April 29, 2012

18 pictures of new reading and dressing habits

On the train, in the metro (or bus), one can see how the reading changes. But also with the new devices, more and more people use them.

A young woman and her expression

Not everyone smiles at me.

Not everyone approves of me.

As I was taking a few images with my tiny camera on the train, in the evening, going back to home from a late Comedy club, most people, absorbed in their reading, ignored me.

I even did not see well her expression, till I begin to look at the details of the pictures taken.

Everyone can not approve at me and what I do.

She expresses it so well! She is so good looking too! As an actor, speaking without words.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

StandupSitdown Comedy of Julie Kertesz "Julie Seventy"

I changed my stage name from Julie Kertesz to Julie Seventy at my 30th gig

One can view in grand format on my videoblog or directly on YouTube.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Farmer's Market

From anova9 on Flickr who favourites a photo of mine, a funny auto portrait, and choose me like contact.

Before returning the favor, I always read the profile, then look at her or his photos. This time I also looked at the set San Francisco, as I love that city.

But,as luck arrives, when less expected, I found these multicoloured peppers. What a pleasure!

For them, I also opened a new gallery on my Flickr, and remembered my Pears from Palermo, strangely, my preferred and most remembered photo from that trip.

It is not the cathedrals that we remember most, but small details.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

London magic

Each time, I believe "Now, I know London" or a quarter in the city, at least, something new appears.

I was going to the Pear shaped comedy night, to stand up for the 30th time. On this photo, the Tavern is at right corner. It was raining when the bus let me down at Percy street, but it stopped as I arrived here. Suddenly a magic panorama. That door (of a hotel) in the middle, the wonderful green of the tree, the lights from the windows, the reflection in the puddle in the middle of the street.

A quiet corner, not far from Soho, from Oxford street, from all the brouhaha of centre London.

I took out my camera and got three pictures, zooming in and out and absorbing the magic of the place.

I got also with laughter my 30th gig and decided to call myself with the scene name Julie Seventy. I did want it already in October but let myself persuade to remain with my name, which is difficult to pronounce and to remember. Finishing nowadays with "do not call me in the morning, Google me! remember: Julie Seventy" is so much better. It also gets laughter. An old granny on the web...

Besides, one can find many things on the web from me with Julie70 !

Try it out.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I got my third trophee

First, was the big one at Comedy at Tooting in Decembre. The second is the framed "Silver Comedy" award from February, and now, yesterday evening at Cavendish Arms.

First between 16.

Well, in equality with another interesting woman comedian, but she told me I can take the trophee, as we could not cut it in two.

David, warm compère, was leading the night, same I met already at Dirty Dicks (the dead comedian's socks). It is great to meet also comedians already met in other venues.
Two clowns at Cavendish Arms
I also got yesterday a great video very professionally taken from the StandUp Sitdown comedy club, from my last week's performance.

What a nice surprise! I look in it charming!

Well, yes, that is the first time! In all other videos, I look, as I see myself often: too round, too old, too... well, you understand. But in this one I do really feel the sympathy coming from me to the audience. Thanks Ed Surname!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drawing rose?

Draw something!

It seems funny, even if not easy to draw.

Sharing with grand children?


Till, they begin to ask you money.

So much for "bombs". So much for Additional colours. So much for...


No way!

Not for me!!!

I will not be drawn in spending money on such a "game". I believe, there are too many games on the web now that draw slowly but surely more pounds or dollars or euros, from all the unsuspecting.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Run for...

Some run to improuve their health. Others, to prove themselves. For them and, sometimes to others.

Always, it requires endurance and persistence.

To go on, when it is becoming difficult.

As the battery of my camera runout of me, I stood there, and it was just near the starting point, in Blackheath, most of those jogging had already difficulty going on. But they did.

On their shirt, often their names and a cause for which they run now. At least that day. Something about they care.

As I looked to their faces, as they run farther, I realised, I could learn from them.

Go on, when the going gets taugh.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Run for a cause Blackheath (6)

18 pictures on flickr, so far, I did not take many more, my battery again run down.

So much the better.

18 is a manageable number.

Mostly, I could thus really look, be there with them, cheer. Admire their determination, observe their difficulties. Be inspired by them.

You do not need words to be inspired!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lewisham Shopping Centre East Exit

In Lewisham, near the rail station and surrounded but a huge number of bus stations leading to it, there is a huge building.

The Commercial Centre.

At its East entrance, or exit, just accross the road, begins the tiny Altimont lane, where the Methodist Church is. We meet in one of its rooms.

Tonight, Area 35, div H, competition!
Begins at 2 30. Welcome!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

History of personal computers?

Well, I could tell a lot more about my history with computers and personal computers, but I really would need more time!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to find?

So far away from Greenwich, or even King Cross London, this morning!

Someone favorited a picture I have taken 7 years ago at the occasion of my return with a car in Transylvania.
Hungarian art of Torocko 1
Not this one!

But this is one of the pictures for the set, I have taken in a small, tiny town under a huge rock, hidden in Transylvania, but not far from Cluj (my own Kolozsvàr, town I was born and grew up).


Torocko stronghold of the protestant Unitarian faith in the past, with one of the oldest churches in it, was visited by the writer Jokai Mor, around 1870, and he wrote a wonderful romantic historic novel which happens there.


I looked up the Map and in Romania, Transylvania, it did not come up at all!


Where it disapeared?

Well, finally, searching hours the web, I found it that the current romanian official name is Rimetea.

I now remembered, how difficult it was to find my way there, because of that change of name, not justified at all. They still have a similar name to Torocko, for the sourrounding mountain...and its trails. Almost all of 600 people living in Torocko is still Hungarian, so why change so much its name? I think it was one of the effort of the Comunist dictator Ceusescu to make forget that there is a Hungarian old history in Transylvania.

In that town, other then the old Unitarian church in the centre, there is a small but well furnished museum, a lavatory - still used when I was there in 2005 - and a wonderful old feeling with some very renovated houses to welcome visitors. The post office, was in a very old house and very romantic looking!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back through Greenwich park

I went to a workshop to the National Maritime Museum yesterday, and met interesting people. As I came towards home, up Greenwich park and through the Royal Observatory with timezone 0 0 0, I observed and took some pictures of the life around me.

They are constructing the place for the Horse jumping Olympiad, which will have a wonderful background! Couple holding hands, old man taking photos of flowers, young mothers chatting while verifying and reading in their small modern devices and looking from time to time at what their children are doing, tourists from far away countries taking pictures to remember the park and where they have been, so much is happening in the park near me!

I decided to go out more often.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I will be able now!

I will be able now to study those again.

After I bought them, I had my cataract operation, and had to wait to heal before ordering new eyeglasses.

Now, I have them. Just have to get in the habit, again, to study, to read more books not only romances on my Kindle.

Those are books I learned from, now I have to study enough also to be able to teach.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Heath

The wonderful odor of freshly cut grass enticed me to go through the Heath again.

Only a few steps from my place, at the end of our street, so much to feel, see and enjoy!

The camera makes me to look even more attentive to all what is happening. The mother with her tiny kid, the father playing football with her daughter, the older man walking his dog.

And the never ending pleasure of the moving changing clouds.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Julie Kertesz Hillarious Stand-Up Comedy at the Alchemist, Clapham

Taken and titled by a fellow comedian, here is a longer set at the Alchemist.
London 28 Mar 2012 
Very few were present, only the comedians but it was a warm welcome.

The most important I find in this one, how I was not fazed out by parts where I get big laugh usually and did not get this night. I went on with most calm, farther into my gags. Indeed, in all I also got more laugh then most of my fellow comedians that night. So, in all it was an useful and nice experience.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tulipes de Pâques

Do not forget, never forget, remember!

You can bring joy to yourself!

You do not have to depend on someone to offer you chocolate bunnies, birthday gifts or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Here are those I bought myself this Eastern. Dedicated to my first husband, who loved (well, at the beginning at least) to offer me flowers. Dedicated to all the good days we did have together. Helping me to remember, those too.

And remembering myself: I do not need any one to bring me joy, most of the time, I can do it myself.

Well, it is still nice when you get from someone else, but it is not the only way.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

March 29, 1959, Another Easter

March 29, 1959
Today is Easter Protestant. Interesting.(2012: 53 year ago, becoming woman) I was almost 25 y old.

1st April 1959

How beautiful is love!

Only yesterday I felt how good it is to be - a real loving couple.

It was only yesterday that I realized how much we love each other. The sky was overcast, the wind, but the air was so fun! And I do not remember any of his kisses - only him.

And now begins the comedy, the problem of Einstein (Space? Time?)

He could have thought of that before. But everything has a solution. He thinks further, me closer. Now, I do not want to think about later, and he, he needs to think about it. Anyway since yesterday I am no longer afraid of the immediate future.

I see again and again, as I have known for long time : life is beautiful! You only have to know how to understand, enjoy, take pleasure of it. One regrets only what one does not do ... But love, no. And even if we will have one day sorrow, it is already worth it, as for such times as our walk, yesterday.

There should be often flowers in my room. It has become so beautiful with the red peonies.

Before, I was scared, now I wait for it to happen again. Really?

Tonight Sandou will visit my place. Should I read him parts of my old newspapers? I am consistent and actually as I see it, I have not fallen at all. How good it is, how much he loves me!

I asked Mom not to enter my room for a short time. She could not bear to wait! We should have a little more understanding with others, you can not otherwise. Since I learned of the book 'What to do?' of Cernisevszki, I am. Yet sometimes I am overwhelmed with curiosity too.

Sandou and I often think the same thing, is it a good sign or is it bad? How could it hurt? For a time, studying the French language remained behind, but one thing at a time. I'll always continue to study, but without giving it so much importance as before.

The important thing is that the road remains always beautiful.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The 20 of a tale in 10 minutes

Les20 by julie70

Wall art and Griffin Pub (6)

The human element is so important!

Yes, also when telling a story, but also in photography. we can learn a lot from one art and use it in another.

I took a lot of images of this long wll art, but I do believe, this speaks most, because this girl was arriving in it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

One more to go

Recent diaries photo, well it is a bit dated one. I do write a lot, for "myself" even if I tell stories and write blogs at the same time.

Rereading for the first time this morning, my Diary notebook which has only a page left. I begun this last one September 2010.

And yes, there is so much to use from it, to learn from it.

Interesting to see my path, from the last few month. I went into many things, without any idea where they will lead. Well, as usual.

I go and realize some that I projected long time or just the day before, but also stumble in some wonderful new path's that I never could have dreamed up, on the way to the other places or chasing other dreams.

Reading what one thought "before", at the "moment", is a fascinating experience. As well as expressing one's feelings of the moments and what we think was and will be.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lewisham Contestants

How much each of them learned at the Lewisham Speakers Toastmasters club in just a few month.

Only three of them were members for more then a year, and yet they did hold up very well!

For myself, I was so proud and happy for all of them!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The 31 Area Contest at Canary Wharf

I can not comment on the contest itself, as I was one of the many judges, but what I can say, that it had high standard.

We enjoyed, indeed all speeches, all were from previous winners in their club.

What I can tell is that I did enjoy also the two Contest Chairs. And I did enjoy to be able to answer to a Table Topics while the Counters Counted the last votes, I was delighted that with my answer I made the room laugh and laugh.

The question was simple, a quote about "uniqueness" from Oscar Wilde. I related my latest frustration with Standup comedy and one of the TM clubs, how each audience is different and how finally my uniqueness become a great asset.

It was probably the way I told it that made it enjoyable, it also gave me an idea for future speech and future standup!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Parliement street, Red Lion Electric Mouse Big Ben

In The Red Lion, each Monday comedy "the electric mouse big ben" great mood and welcome.

Near the pub a nice italian restaurant.

I had great welcome at the Comedy show, there were many present and I got lots of laughter.

Changing the beginning and end a bit, did not hurt at all.

On to more changes, from now on.
Westminster blue hour (34)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Julie Kertesz with new props

Tonight, I will use my new prop, even if I do not think I will put on my eyeglasses, needed only to read.


Reading was important to me, as only child, from age of 7 ! 70 years of avid reading. Only last year did I had a problem with my eyes.

And of course, at 47 when I first discovered I needed eyeglasses to read. So? Age come to me, but did not destroy me.

There is life, after 47, there is life after 70 or 77 even!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My French garden in Argenteuil

Les lilas en Mai by Julie70
The pleasures of the month of May near Paris.

I decided I will be there again, if not more then at least a few days.

Yes, I will not be at my usual club meeting, perhaps even not to vote for Ken or Boris, so I can vote for the French president. Why are those votes so near each other?

I will be able to bring back, again, photos of the 1st May festival, near the Seine, always so wonderful and colourful in Argenteuil.

I will be able to bring inside the small house some of the blooming flowers, offer some to my warm neighbours and listen to the birds dialogue from the branches before my open window.

There are some things I do miss, there were some wonderful memories I almost forgot, each time I tell "it is better in London then in Paris!" Yes, my life is fuller, I do many more things outside my house and garden, here in London.

My days near Paris were not so grey as I sometimes remembered them! They were also filled with activity and joys I brought, and my family did bring me. In May, the garden is specially great and I will be there! At least, for a week.