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March 29, 1959, Another Easter

March 29, 1959
Today is Easter Protestant. Interesting.(2012: 53 year ago, becoming woman) I was almost 25 y old.

1st April 1959

How beautiful is love!

Only yesterday I felt how good it is to be - a real loving couple.

It was only yesterday that I realized how much we love each other. The sky was overcast, the wind, but the air was so fun! And I do not remember any of his kisses - only him.

And now begins the comedy, the problem of Einstein (Space? Time?)

He could have thought of that before. But everything has a solution. He thinks further, me closer. Now, I do not want to think about later, and he, he needs to think about it. Anyway since yesterday I am no longer afraid of the immediate future.

I see again and again, as I have known for long time : life is beautiful! You only have to know how to understand, enjoy, take pleasure of it. One regrets only what one does not do ... But love, no. And even if we will have one day sorrow, it is already worth it, as for such times as our walk, yesterday.

There should be often flowers in my room. It has become so beautiful with the red peonies.

Before, I was scared, now I wait for it to happen again. Really?

Tonight Sandou will visit my place. Should I read him parts of my old newspapers? I am consistent and actually as I see it, I have not fallen at all. How good it is, how much he loves me!

I asked Mom not to enter my room for a short time. She could not bear to wait! We should have a little more understanding with others, you can not otherwise. Since I learned of the book 'What to do?' of Cernisevszki, I am. Yet sometimes I am overwhelmed with curiosity too.

Sandou and I often think the same thing, is it a good sign or is it bad? How could it hurt? For a time, studying the French language remained behind, but one thing at a time. I'll always continue to study, but without giving it so much importance as before.

The important thing is that the road remains always beautiful.

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