Thursday, April 26, 2012

London magic

Each time, I believe "Now, I know London" or a quarter in the city, at least, something new appears.

I was going to the Pear shaped comedy night, to stand up for the 30th time. On this photo, the Tavern is at right corner. It was raining when the bus let me down at Percy street, but it stopped as I arrived here. Suddenly a magic panorama. That door (of a hotel) in the middle, the wonderful green of the tree, the lights from the windows, the reflection in the puddle in the middle of the street.

A quiet corner, not far from Soho, from Oxford street, from all the brouhaha of centre London.

I took out my camera and got three pictures, zooming in and out and absorbing the magic of the place.

I got also with laughter my 30th gig and decided to call myself with the scene name Julie Seventy. I did want it already in October but let myself persuade to remain with my name, which is difficult to pronounce and to remember. Finishing nowadays with "do not call me in the morning, Google me! remember: Julie Seventy" is so much better. It also gets laughter. An old granny on the web...

Besides, one can find many things on the web from me with Julie70 !

Try it out.

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