Sunday, April 1, 2012

My French garden in Argenteuil

Les lilas en Mai by Julie70
The pleasures of the month of May near Paris.

I decided I will be there again, if not more then at least a few days.

Yes, I will not be at my usual club meeting, perhaps even not to vote for Ken or Boris, so I can vote for the French president. Why are those votes so near each other?

I will be able to bring back, again, photos of the 1st May festival, near the Seine, always so wonderful and colourful in Argenteuil.

I will be able to bring inside the small house some of the blooming flowers, offer some to my warm neighbours and listen to the birds dialogue from the branches before my open window.

There are some things I do miss, there were some wonderful memories I almost forgot, each time I tell "it is better in London then in Paris!" Yes, my life is fuller, I do many more things outside my house and garden, here in London.

My days near Paris were not so grey as I sometimes remembered them! They were also filled with activity and joys I brought, and my family did bring me. In May, the garden is specially great and I will be there! At least, for a week.

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