Saturday, March 31, 2012

From August to April long wait

Again eyeglasses!From the beginning of August to the beginning of April, many long hours spend hoping to be able to read again as before.

Hoping to be able to read again, normally.

Hoping to have again eyeglasses to read and eyeglasses to look at the computer screen.

Yes, I found replacement, could read with Kindle from end December, but I missed my books, and some of them I did buy in June or July to study, and had to look only at the cover.

I had to wait till the cataract operation is over first with one eye and six month later the other, and then again another two month to begin and heal at both eyes, before ordering new eyeglasses.

I do not see any more through mist or yellow colours, even if my eyesight did not improve, but from yesterday, with two pair of new eyeglasses, the word will be different again. Not sad, like in this picture from 2006, when I did not even know my chance to see "normally" with my eyeglasses! Now I see the word more in rose and smiling more also, and I did buy even one of the pair with rose frames! What a joy to recover something you lost, something that once you took for granted:!

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