Monday, March 5, 2012

The T-Bird Comedy Bin

The T-Bird Comedy Bin at T-Bird - Comedy Friday!

That will be my 19th Standup, one more to go next week, and the 20 is behind me.

New places, new faces, new venues for March and April, already 6 more booked.

Each one is a new experience, and joy to meet new audience, too.

But before that, is the Storytelling event, tonight, and, a short workshop on Teamwork, Wednesday, for once it will be every two days, not one after the other!

Why I am so active? I was asked. Well, I have to live fully, as much as possible. There are no more infinit number of years before me. Make the most of what I still have. Besides, more I enjoy it, more I experiment and learn, it seems, after Jane Fonda's book, more I will live.

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