Sunday, March 11, 2012

At the beginning, summer 2008

Yes, I have become now Advanced Communicator Gold, in Toastmasters, as "high" as one can go with "speech award" on the "communication track".

Yes, I will have Monday 20 gigs behind me, where they never let me "die", always laughed. A few or a hundred.

Yes, I told now tales in the Theatre, or even been paid for it, and in English!

But in August 2008, I had no idea yet what I will do here. I had no plan, other then find a place to live.

This is the Blackheath Agency who found me my current apartment in which I still live. Then, I could begin to see around, and think of what I'd rather do.

First was the photography groups to discover London, and all the festive events to attend, the markets to stroll.

Then, was the Artist's Way Meetup, once a week at the Royal Festival Hall. At the time, I did not understand how much good influence it had on me.It showed me that there is more then one way to be creative. And we do not have to have a title to do them.

My goal was to publish a small book, with photos I have taken and text. I still did not do that. Sometimes...

More then anything, I wanted to connect with people, and then I have discovered Toasmasters clubs, again, in London. I found a family. I found like minded people. Goals.

My goals were short. One step at a time.

So now, many steps later, I got my 'educational" goal. Of course there is always more to do in London and in the life, even at 77.

Next? Beside Storytelling, Stand-up Comedy, coaching, I have to learn to lead better and better Workshops.

All begun for me in London, that day, when finally they found me a place for me to live.

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