Monday, March 26, 2012

Multiple reflections

Judge, at Citi Criers Toastmasters club, and meeting old pals from there and from other clubs. It was great to be back there.

No group photo this time, but I have some great from the last contest.

I am preparing new stories, that cast new reflections on my life. The themes of Joanna from Spark London inspire me, even when I do not go to tell the tale there. "Back from the Brink"... well, I had a few. I just found the most terrible one. But that one I did not let last long, I did all to go away from it, not to let it happen if fact.

And another story came to me when I forgot to take my sunglasser which I need for the moment, with my eyes that are more sensible to light then usual. "Smile" - yes, that will be my next "persuasive" speech. With a history of why and how in my own life.

Smiles connect us.

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