Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yesterday, 2000 views exactly!

Yesterday, looking to my Flickr statistics, I discovered, suddenly, that the 5th March, exactly 2000 looked at my photos. I can still hardly believe. In a single day!!! Of course, this is with 1389 photos, 382 went to see my photostream, more then one photo probably it means, 239 opened a photoset, 3 a photo collection, that are now more hidden as I show sets on my stream, and 7 even visited my photo galeries, photos I have chosen from others.

That made yesterday a round 2000 views or visits.

I can still understand, 2000, even if it seems so much, but I can not believe almost 4 million in seven years! But that stat, says it. In any way, showing pictures I have taken, the world around me with my eyes and my camera, on Flickr, is a wonderful way to "expose"!

Instead of letting them rest on my hard drive or hid in an album rarely opened. Or show them in a gallery framed - and the frame costs still a lot - where only from time to time, someone wanders in, and even then, it should be put somewhere that it makes it easy to reach and see...

At that moment, I have looked, yesterday noon, "only" around 800 visited my photos! or, perhaps it means looked at 800 of my photos? I imagine a hall with 800 people, looking at what I have done, waw! It feels good, indeed. A great exposure given through the web! Because of the web.

We should unearth all the slides hidden in museums, photos taken by great masters, and show them!

It is great to be with live audience, as I have been yesterday at the storytelling event I opened, with my story, 60 people listening in live! They gave me so much back at the instant, it was really a two way communication. But when I will have, if I will the video, or when I will have the sound track, that is sure at least, I could put it also on the web, in my blog with links and much more can participate to it. I am still amazed of all the new things that can be done more and more, all the people we reach with anything we want to spread.

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