Saturday, March 3, 2012

Together again, learning from each other

In September and October, eight nights of learning together Stand-up Comedy, 12 Toastmasters from the class of PhD David Jones.

We meet from time to time.

I was in Canterbury, with Chris, and yesterday Steve was there with him. Thursday, "Pierre la Poule" and Sonia were performing at the Comedy in Tooting.

The mood was gloom, it was the last time. Instead of a pub, soon it will be a supermarket!

Too many of the audience has already been there and heard one another jokes and comedy.

It was still an interesting night. And of all one can learn.

Here are the observations of Sonia answering of my auto critic.
"Anyway my giggin’ friends – yes last night was a tough one – energy levels in general were really low and Ed did his best but he could not really keep them up. Also – there too many comedians and not enough audience members new to the material. I heard two people that played on the night I was on (about 3 weeks ago) and of course did not find funny.

No excuses – continues Sonia - this is the exiting thing about this journey. To be able to play to the best of abilities no matter WHAT the audience is like – as David T Jones (PHD) said: anything can be funny as long as your truly believe in it.
Julie – you were great I think you have tightened up the gig and made in leaner. Good stuff. I did not notice you messed your lines at all. Thanks for your feedback on my holding the mike hiding my face..

Pierre la Poule – good good that you got back into the game (trust me it takes a lot of effort) you had the audience in the palm of your hand (at first) – but it was not a happy crowd."
Reading her lines, I feel better. He is from France, she is from Spain. Me? I play the Hungarian, as it is too complicated to explain having lived in France for 40 years, my accent is still heavy Hungarian!

Yes, we still have a long way to go, and let us take whatever it comes in our way and learn to deal with it!

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