Saturday, March 24, 2012

Open ???

Strange, it is written open, but it is closed, as you can see too.

Some people are also a bit like this. They say one thing but in fact act the other.

Mixed signals.

My openness is never feigned, but alas one can also read from me what I do not want or resent someone. That does make "authentic" but it did bring me during my 77 years also people hating me.

This days, I am a lot more open then when I was younger. It is more difficult to hurt me, I developed with age a thicker skin. Together with white hair, some plastic teeth, and operated eyes.

Are those eyes that let me see the life more in rose? Or blue in fact. Blue not as "blue mood" but as "blue clear sky" mood.

The others smile also more to me, or do I smile more to them.

It is nice to be open, without mixed signals.

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