Friday, March 16, 2012

There was a time

There was a time in my life, when I have been young, unmarried and in love.

One day, a bouquet of flowers arrived!

There were beautiful!

I had three boys, courting me, and did not know for sure, whom between them send it to me. I was attracted to one of them, but he was not serious. The second, took me to the theatre, but I did not feel anything toward him. The third....

I hoped, it was from him!

Not an hour passed, as I admired my room who become suddenly different, magic, beautiful because of the huge bouquet of flowers, and another bouquet was brought by a young envoy.

A second bouquet, even more beautiful!

Who did send those?

I arranged that too in my room, which now become a garden of flowers almost, magic!

Full of joy, but also with doubts. Who could have send those bouquets to me? Why two one after other? Where those from different boys? Coincidence? Why no note with any of them?

One more hour have passed and the third arrived, with crisp white shirt, bronzed arms and a big smile.

Of course, he was the one who send the flowers!

Why two bouquets?

Well, I passed in the market and send to you the first one, then, I went a bit farther and had suddenly seen one even more beautiful! So...

Thank you!

I was so impressed! So happy and the flowers lasted long time, changing my room's mood.

I maried him.

He continued to bring me flowers.

One day, he passed near another, girl, and found her more beautiful. Without forgetting me, he went with her. And later, he found another, even more interesting.

After fifteen years together, we parted and no one brought or send me flowers any more.

One day, I discovered, I can buy flowers to myself!

And my room was beautiful again!

I was happy: I did not have to wait for someone buy me beautiful flowers! I was independent! I could bring joy to myself.

Eventually, other man did too, but I never lost the feeling of not depending on them for my joys in life. Yesterday, I bought myself this beautiful tulips, and all the story came back to me, all the feeling of joy came with it.

Mixed with a bit of sorrow, of lost things, too, but only writing it down here, did I understand the significance of the second bouquet.

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