Monday, March 12, 2012

Aie! they will see you!

This time, I did it!

Well, I put my feet into it. I invited my Toastmasters pals, who live nearby, and some will be there!

I'd better make people laugh!

So I am more anxious as usual. And plus, there is a contest night and a new place near my neighbourhood, and my 20th gig.

As the 4th man I did not count any more, I will not count either from my 21th gig on. How long I will continue, I do not know, because I am a bit tired just now, but I have already booked five more in new places.

There are so many places clubs for Stand Up comedy in London! Yes, some are far away, more then one and half hour distance, with bus and underground, or train and bus, but all in greater London.

I went so far only twice outside it, once to Canterbury, interesting city and good gig a new place created by a Toastmaster comedy pal, and once the second time to Leicester's Dave comedy festival. Where I gained the 1st place for Silver Newcomer and made new mates.

I am not yet really hooked, many who start go out three or six times a week, and for years. I like it, but not really more (is it true?) then the storytelling nights.

Well, they are very different.

I can tell more of my life, more the lessons I learned, give more confidence to others through my stories. On the other hand, the audience reaction is so much more strong in the comedy places.

So far.

I know, I will have to have downs, also as all comedians tell me, and I already had less laughs in some places then in others. But never a place where they did not sympathise or did not laugh. So of course, I still hope in my soul it will continue, as much as I know that all can happen.

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