Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best picture of the year?

Those are perhaps the best images from 2011, that day of 29 April on Trafalger Square, all my set, taken that day, in less then two hours.

Participating, photgraphing, coming back with "documentary" images. All together, make up the mood of that day, there. The joy, the proudness, the participation of so many different people.

That is what this set does show.

Perhaps this image is the best from them, but I do like a lot also the one I put in front of this post.
Royal Celebration in Trafalgar Square 1737
And here is a link to the set.

This last day of the month and year, is the time for thinking what did I do, and all I did not do. And yes, in general, it was not a rich year for my photography, as the Stand Up and Toastmasters took so much of my energy. And of course, also my trips, skin treatment. and my eye operation,

But all in all, we all do what we can, what the "fate" lets us do too. I have no idea, at all what next year will bring, but perhaps, tomorrow, something will come up. In any way, there is a lot place to improvements on many activities I have undertaken.

Friday, December 30, 2011

3000 visites!

Today, our Lewisham speakers blog arrived at 3000 visites! The blog opened in June, for the public, and since then in Six Month, had 3000 visits! Not too bad. We try to put only names, and not Family names in it, as it is open for all. It is for Guests, future Guests, New Members and Advanced Toastmasters alike.

Every meeting is shortly described, but also achievements of our members, videos of Toastmasters and Contests, fun and serious stuff, to make those who come, want to come back again. One can subsribe to the blog, so when there is a new post, it arrives as an email, directly to you. We are curently five to write in it, but open to all Members to send posts for the blog. We hope, it will be used more also as a forum.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cyclamen for my mother 2011

As each year, for more then 50 now, I buy this flowers, to remember my mother's birthday, and her and tell her all I achieved the past year.

Mother, I have discovered I have comedy bones!

Mother, I made people laugh!

Mother, I see now everything a bit different, with a "comic's eye" and life becomes easier like this.

Looking what good can come from everything bad that happened to me, have been my practice for long time, but looking at its comic angle is new.. I try to do it as much as possible from now on, too.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cyclamens in window

Happy birthday mother!

Boldog születésnapot, anyuka!

The 26 Decembre come and went, and the new cyclamens for the 2011 are there in my window, - even if this photo is for last year.

Almost 50 times, every year I did buy her flowers for her birthday, I did speak to her about what I did accomplish the year that just passed.

She always wanted to know "all" about me.

Perhaps, she can not listen any more to it "personally" as she passed away at early age of 53, about 53 years ago, but I feel as if she is still listening, still caring.

I do not think as much as I used of my mother, but every end of the year, yes.

Nowadays, I also think more about my father, who was a humorous master storyteller. Jokes, tall tales of his life, and that of others too. Uplifting the mood in any hard bargaining between countries, people, he succeeded to make all like him.

My mother was too much puritan minded. She read lots of literature, listened to many tell their problems, and spoke but only one to one, usually. "A lady does not stand out"!

So, probably, I am not a lady. Even if sometimes I was looked at like it, because some things from education stick.

Mother and father would be delighted to know all I did this year, that thought reassures me when I read that I talk about "indignities" of old age.

Not true! I talk about how one can deal with dignity about what arrives us at that age!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gift to offer - to oneself

I found, and here my son too, that the best gifts one can offer to oneself.

I offered myself Kindle,

I offered myself Photoshop Elements 10

And books that I took for Kindle,

I am very happy with all my Christmas gifts!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Noël 2011

That begun all with the two mamies Santa hat on their head.

That was very British.

But it continued with French traditional Chirsmas lunch. The "real" French in fact go to midnight mess and then only the dinner begins, but we had it the next day.

The only one who did not touch the "foi gras" that arrived directly from France, was my grand daughter. "They oblige them to eat." I did not tell her, that with chicken and other foods is not much better.

And the goat liver was faboulous, on toasted bagette slice and with spinach salad. And champagne!
Noël 2011F_0142 Foie Gras
We had freshly prepared chocolate at the end, the huge turkey was almost too much at the middle.

Before lunch, the gifts "Santa" brought were distributed by the youngest child, then we all opened them one by one. Three years ago, they still believed, now, each told from whom they came in fact.

Children grow up.

One of the biggest joys where with toys or coat that were nice to touch.
Noël 2011F_0119
and also

Noël 2011F_0136
Good mood, family fun, it was a great Christmas day!

We will remember it for long long time!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas from 2004 to 2011 through my photos

Just a little taste of the different end of year days, from 2004 in less then 36 images.

Friday, December 23, 2011

'Fake reaction" comedy prep at Westfield

One of the Comedy writers and two of the comedians before it all begun...

A very interesting afternoon in a studio at the Westfield shopping centre, near the BBC studios of London. I was invited, by the Comedy School director to assist, as audience.

I met at least three writers, it was produced together, and the original idea was not even theirs, came from someone  I did not met there, just as in books about writing together, for the television.

Here are two of them. and also I think, the one from the back. 
Comedy at Westfield-06
There were script girls and director and so many more to prepare the show!

Many comedians too! And the audience was also very interesting. Mr Cee was present too and another guy I met at the Comedy School, who had more then 600 gigs already behind him.

I also got the 'marketing' point, about all good food and one shitty for dogs... even if it did not register on the spot, it is not too apparent, the game "catches us"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lewisham TM 21 Dec

Great meeting yesterday, in our Toasmaster's Speakers group, in centre Lewisham.

Our visitor, Division Governor Richard Murray, also liked our new place and how we develop well.

We had many members present, and also three guests, whom we hope to see again in January, and join us.

Three of us spoke, and I made a speech, which was better at its beginning and end, but how could I have spoken about humour without making laugh?

Alas, I did.

Anyway, I was enchanted how much what we did was a team work, and each of our "committee" contributing to it, in its way, to make it well and going smooth.

Great year 2011, so many happened on the way! And I have to learn to take more smoothly adversity when it comes my way.

Will do, perhaps next year?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All is well, if finishes well

Julie 77 by Simon Turnbull, photographe, outsideThe Kindle, once I succeeded making it work and connect and open, is wonderful!

So, all is well in the world.

As it is, the end of this year for me. Even with two skin interventions and one cataract removed, some ups and downs, and a lot of work (and some money) spend on Comedy Workshops, the final result, brings me "fruits" and showing yes, I do have a comedy bone! The comic bone was deeply buried inside me, so it had to be unearthed.

Now, next year, I have to learn a bit more "improvisation"... and cultivate my comic...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to make it work?

I caved in. I did order one. I got one.

I do not know how to use it.

It does not obey to my commands!

No idea, why, the buttons do not work, it is stuck at "choose language" - I have chosen, but it does not go any further. Why are "modern things" so more difficult to use? Yes, a book is a book, but you just open it and read!