Sunday, December 11, 2011


difficult to resist the mountain of grapes, before her, at this Parisian market of the 18e arrondissement, rue poteau.

I was drinking my coffee before the pub, outside, and watching her taste yet another grain, and then yet another

2004 September, it was after my first photo walk with my photo class, after our meetin and assignments of "documentary" photos of paris, now, we all went our way

At noon, we met again, then part till next week

That is when I could not resist to take her yet again eating, "tasting" another grape

At the end, a few minutes after the photo, the shopkeeper or worker, came out and decided her to buy, at least a minimum amount...

Looking at this photo, taken at my beginning of "documentary, portraits" photography - I was barely 70 - a young 70, not yet 77 as now, I feel, as if I was there.

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